Announcing the Clash Royale Clan Wars Invitational Tournament!

clan wars poster MoEsport

We are excited to announce that MoEsport is working with Mobcrush to broadcast the first ever Clash Royale Clan Wars Invitational!  The Invitational pits four of the top Clans in Clash Royale against each other in a 2-day Round-robin Tournament.  While top players regularly play against each other in regular battles, this will be the first time these players with face each other under Tournament Rules while representing their respective clans.  The four clans participating in this Tournament are:

InTheLight (#2 Ranked Clan)
大唐天子 Datang Tianzi (#3 Ranked Clan)
Sumou (#9 Ranked Clan)
Legendary Rivals (#11 Ranked Clan)

Each Clan will be represented by 5 of their best players (including the likes of CC, Light Wing, Silv3rthorn and Dewy), battling against each other in a best-of-5 match up.  The 2 clans with the best record from the Round-robin will compete in a final king-of-the-hill battle: The Clan with the last man standing will take home the grand prize!  The breakdown of the prize pool is as follows:

Finishing Position Prize
1st $300 + 10,000 Gems
2nd $150
3rd-4th $75

The tournament will streamed live on May 6th and 7th at 8pm EST/5pm PST on the MoEsport Mobcrush Channel; Sumou Clan leader (and Youtube rockstar!) Cruecial and MoEsport’s Wagonut (me!) will be shoutcasting for the tournament, with insights/commentary from each of the Clan representatives throughout the tournament.  More information on the tournament will be unveiled as the event date approaches, so be sure to check in on our official tournament page and follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook for the latest info!

Don’t want to miss any of the action on your phone?  Be sure to download the the official Mobcrush iOS or Android app at!

Disclaimer: Supercell is not affiliated with, does not endorse, nor is it responsible for, the content of this tournament, site or other materials related to this event.

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