Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (April 28th)


A little late with the Power Rankings again this week as the team has been busy working on something BIG behind the scenes here at MoEsport. – stay tuned for the official announcement tomorrow morning (no more delays, promise!)  We have also received feedback that the Card Power Rankings don’t necessarily reflect the cards that are used in lower Arenas.  However, with the announcement that new max level caps will now better reflect the balance of the tournament caps, we anticipate that the cards and decks used by top players will start looking more like those used by regular players in Arena 7 and above.

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (April 28th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Arrows  Arrows 1 (tied) Arrows reign supreme again on this week’s Power Rankings, but I would point out that the usage of Arrows is reflective of what troops the spell is useful against:  Princess and Minion Hordes.  I would actually argue that Arrows are not as useful as Fireball for players in Arena 7 or below, where Barbarians are played much more.
2 (tied) Elixir Collector  elixir_collector 1 (tied) One interesting thing about the “pump” is that even top players have yet to figure out the optimal way to play it.  For example, the pump acts as a defensive decoy if you play it in the middle of the arena, but then you don’t get the Elixir advantage if your opponent finds an efficient way to destroy it.  Similarly, if you play it behind your tower then you leave yourself open to a Hog/Prince attack.
2 (tied) Zap  zap NEW MoEsport’s favourite card makes its way back to the Power Rankings this week.  As much as I love Zap, I also HATE the fact that the spell is essentially useless against Goblins if their card level is one level higher than your spell.
4 Goblins goblins NEW Speaking of Goblins, the trio also made their way back to the Rankings this week.
5 Cannon CannonCard 9 Arguably the best counter against Hog Rider, Cannon is becoming the go to defense tower nowadays – though it sounds Arena 7 players seem to be seeing a lot more Bomb Towers instead.
5 (tied) Princess  PrincessCard 3 Interesting fact: 5 of the top 6 cards this week cost only 3 Elixir or less, and the 6th card’s sole purpose is to give players an Elixir advantage.  Looks like cheap cards that give you an elixir advantage is becoming the way to play for top players.
7 (tied) Freeze  download 3 A slight dip in the rankings for Freeze this week, but the card is now becoming a staple in the rankings.
7 (tied) Minion Horde  clashroyale-icons-minionhorde 7 Gone are the days where Baby Dragon ruled the skies; Minion Hordes are the go to fliers nowadays, and we expect their usage to continue to increase as the maxed levels for commons will be increased.
9 (tied) Prince








 princeclashroyale-icons-skeletonsminions 8








A 3-way tie for the final spot this week, with Minions finally making their debut in the Power Rankings!  With Minion Horde trading poorly against Arrows, some players are now opting to play Minions instead.  And some players actually now play both Minions and Minion Hordes, in case you can’t get enough of Minions….

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