Rumor: Six new Clash Royale cards coming with the next update

UPDATE (5/2): Rumors no more!  Here is the detailed breakdown of all 6 new cards coming your way tomorrow!


It’s been over a month since the rumor for new Clash Royale cards were dropped; now, according to the latest rumors, it looks likely that 6 new cards will be introduced with the next big update in two days.

So far, the Clash Royale team and their “inside” team of Youtubers and streamers have been tight-lipped about the introduction of new cards.  However, a Twitter post by Japanese player Qualia today appears to show 6 new cards on the deck screen that were never seen before.  What validates the rumor is that Lava Hound and Skeleton Knight – two cards that were listed in the initial leak – are seen in this screenshot.  As for the 4 other cards, players have noted the following:

  • The most obvious observation is there there are a total of 3 new Legendaries, including the Lava Hound.  The other 2 appears to be a “Bob the Builder” lookalike and a “coil” building.  The Bob the Builder dude is likely a medic that heals health.
  • Lava Hound will likely be unlocked in P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse, while the other 2 Legendaries will likely be unlocked in Builder’s Workshop.
  • The other two cards appears to be Lava Pup and a Cauldron.  Lava pup is like a weak flyer (imagine skeletons with wings).

One thing we can be sure of is that these new cards should have abilities that are drastically different than that of current cards (just like how Princess has ridiculous range), and will have a huge impact on the current balance of the game.


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