Success with Whispers of the Old Gods Midrange Hunter Deck

Hey everyone, itzBolt here with a Midrange Hunter deck I’ve been testing out. It was working really well for me the first day, unfortunately the second day it started to bump into a lot of Shamans, which isn’t a great match up for the deck. Let’s talk about the deck a little bit!

Deck Breakdown

Hunter’s Mark
Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.19.20 PMOne of the nerfed cards with the introduction of the expansion, however, it is still very useful. The card allows you to get through a lot of the big
taunts introduced into the game, especially in Druid decks. Twin Emperor in C’Thun decks can be a real pain to get through, so Hunter’s Mark has been proven to be very useful.

Fiery Bat
An early minion that pressures the board and does a little bit of damage with its Deathrattle. It also works well with Hunter’s Mark as you can sometimes use it and run the Fiery Bat into something for a chance to kill the minion off.

Quick Shot
This is only a one-of in the deck. It provides you with some spell removal and also draws you a card if your hand is empty.

Huge Toad
A lot of the old two drops got removed from Standard which brought in the Huge Toad. It’s an early drop as well as a beast which works incredibly well with the rest of the deck.

Knife Juggler
Another two drop that we can play, it has a nice effect and although it was nerfed it still provides us with a decent combo with Unleash the Hounds.

Animal Companion
A three drop that provides you with 3 very good beasts. You want to play this on curve if you don’t have Carrion Grub. Misha protects your board, Huffer provides you with damage and Leokk is amazing if you have a lot of minions.

Deadly Shot
This card helps gets rid of taunts and other large threats. You can generally clear things with your minions and make it a guarantee or high chance kill on something important.

Kill Command
Great for direct damage or getting rid of targets. The deck has a lot of beasts to work with which makes this a great card.

Unleash the Hounds
This card is great against decks that flood their board like Zoo. On turn 7 you can use this along with Houndmaster to have a charging 3/3. It also works very well with Knife Juggler

Carrion Grub
A vanilla 3 drop that has really good stats against aggressive decks. In combination with Houndmaster as you follow along the curve it makes it a 4/7 that can contest a lot of minions and has taunt.

With so many beasts in the deck the Houndmaster is a great card to buff and taunt up your minions. You have quite a few early beasts in the early stage of the game to land the Battlecry on.

Infested Wolf
A four drop that is a beast and provides beast spiders. This guarantees a Houndmaster or Ram Wrangler target for your upcoming turns. It isn’t something you can kill like the old Haunted Creeper and tell yourself “now they don’t have something to play Houndmaster on”.

Tomb Spider
A card still in the works but it’s battlecry allows you to look for beasts that you can play depending on the situation you are in. As the card lacks card draw, getting a beast off the Discover is great.

Ram Wrangler
There are a lot of beasts in the deck for Ram Wrangler to come out and shine. I have gotten a lot of good beasts from the effect and has won me a lot of games.

Savannah Highmane
A solid 6 drop that is very strong and annoying to deal with. The Deathrattle makes it slightly awkward to kill for some decks because it spawns two 2/2 hyenas.

Call of the Wild
A great card from the new expansion, it summons all three beasts from animal companion in alphabetical order. It provides you with 5 damage as well as a minion that buffs all your currently existing creatures and a taunt to protect them all with.

Card Choices
I have been testing out a few cards, I haven’t had too much time to personally play.

I tried Eaglehorn Bow in the very first version. I wanted something early, but I was finding that it wasn’t very good when I played it. It was also only charges because the deck doesn’t playing any traps. I looked toward other alternatives to replace the card. What I came to was Deadly Shot. This enabled me to deal really well with large threats or taunts that got in my way. It didn’t cost too much at 3 mana.

Another slot that went through some changes was that I had Stampeding Kodo where the Tomb Spider is now. Stampeding Kodo was originally there because I anticipated a lot of targets for it. It was a midsized creature that can act as a threat with a Houndmaster buff. I may test it again some more. Tomb Spider sort of helped with the decks lack of draw by providing the deck with more resources via the Discover ability.

I haven’t had the chance to try the new Hunter legendary because I don’t have the card, but I can see it taking the Tomb Spider slot. Another card I have been considering was putting a second Call of the Wild to act as more late game, but the meta is still pretty aggressive right now. Which calls for the last consideration, more early game in the form of Flame Juggler.

Deck Winrates

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.19.30 PMThe deck does really well against midrange and control decks overall, but it does horribly against an aggressive meta as you can see with the stats against Warlock (Zoo) and Shaman (Aggro). One thing is that it seems to do bad against Paladin due to all their new healing cards, Forbidden Healing and Ragnaros, the Lightlord.

The sample size is still relatively small with just over 30 games played. The meta is also not going to be settled for about a month or so due to the expansion everyone is just play testing different decks.


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