Clash Royale Clan Profile: Datang Tianzi (Tang Emperor)

This will be our first of four Clan Profile features leading up to the Clan Wars Invitational Tournament starting this Friday.  Be sure to check back often to find out more about the other three Clans as well!

CLAN PROFILE: 大唐天子 (Datang Tianzi)


Even for players who can not read Chinese, those who have been following the top Clan rankings in the game must find themselves getting familiarized with the Chinese characters 大唐天子 (pinyin: Datang Tianzi).  Datang Tianzi, which literally means the “Tang Son of Heaven” or “Tang Emperor”, has consistently been one of the top 3 clans in Clash Royale since the game was released.

Like many of the game’s clans, Datang Tianzi started off in Clash of Clans.  Officially formed in July 2015, Datang Tianzi rose quickly in the clan rankings, reaching the peak of being the No.3 CoC clan in China in the season rankings.  The theme of the Clan, as the name suggests, is based on that of the Tang Dynasty, regarded by many to be a high point in Chinese civilization.  Many members of the clan have a strong interest in the culture during the Tang Dynasty, and have adopted in-game names (IGN) related to figures during that time.  Appropriately, the clan leader name is 李世民 (Li Shimin), which is also the name of the Tang Emperor who co-founded the dynasty with his father.

In some ways, Datang Tianzi is not just a clan, it is an organization: there are over 3,500(!) members belonging to Datang Tianzi across numerous clans in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.  Above the 70+ Clan leaders are an additional 8 individuals as a part of the “executive team”, who oversees functions such as admin, strategy, and even finance.  In Clash Royale, there are Datang Tianzi chapters spread across China the world, including in Australia, Hong Kong, and a generic Overseas clan.  While Datang Tianzi does not specify that being able to read Chinese is a requirement for joining the family, it will probably be in your best interest to be able to read and write if you want to communicate with the clan members!

A Clan is only as good as its players, and Datang Tianzi has arguably some of the best players in Clash Royale in 长孙CC (Zhang Sun CC) and 长孙CC的打手 (Zhang Sun CC’s Dashou, or Zhang Sun CC’s Thug).  While many just assume that these two accounts belong to same player, they are actually played by two different individuals – with 长孙CC being a female player!  Sticking with the Tang Dynasty theme, Zhang Sun is the name of the Tang Emperor’s wife.  Zhang Sun CC and CC’s Dashou are probably the best known player from Datang Tianzi, as CC finished as the top player in Clash Royale’s 5th season (the first to dethrone Derek Cheung), and CC’s Dashou consistently finishing in the Top 10.

IMG_3778 IMG_3779 IMG_3781 IMG_3783

CC’s Dashou, who is actually based in Canada, and will be Datang Tianzi’s clan representative for the Clan Wars Invitational Tournament.  Rounding out the team will be Capt. Charlie, 天挺 (Tianting), 大唐-段志玄 (Datang Duanzhixuan), and Fevrier.  Datang Tianzi will enter this tournament as one of the favorites due to the fact that many of their players already have much experience competing under tournament rules; but how will they adapt to the introduction of the game’s new cards and new tournament caps?

When asked about his clan’s approach to the tournament, CC’s Dashou has this to say: “Internet issues aside, mom’s disturbance aside, battery dying aside, it’s all about skills down at the tournaments.”  Sounds like if their moms are in check, the player should be ready for the tournament!



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