Clash Royale Clan Profile: InTheLight

This is our second of four Clan Profile features leading up to the Clan Wars Invitational Tournament starting this Friday.  Be sure to check out our profile on 大唐天子 (Datang Tianzi) if you haven’t already, and check back in tomorrow for features on Sumou and Legendary Rivals!


Before the big update, you couldn’t scroll through a page on TV Royale without seeing some replay featuring players from InTheLight (the most I counted was 6 consecutive replays featuring ITL players!)  The reason is simple: InTheLight, or ITL, is home to many of the best Clash Royale players in the West.  It is home to top streamers such as Molt and NickatNyte, top ranked players such as Light Wing and Bosshogg, and a host of other names that many players are familiar with seeing on the rankings or Clash Royale replays (Groover, CWhit, Satadragon, Sun, Saunders, just to name a few).

Compared to other top clans, InTheLight had very humble beginnings: Night Wing and Saunders got together and started a clan from the game’s first day, and quickly rose up the trophy rankings based purely on their skills, as at the time they were among the highest ranked Level 9 tower players in the game.  As the clan became a staple in the Top 20 rankings, Night Wing realized one thing: if the Clan is to continue growing, it must both improve its current players, recruit better players, and remove players that are not able to keep up with the Clan’s growth.  And with time, sister clans such as InTheSkyInTheClouds, and InTheNebula were born.

The first big milestone for InTheLight came when the clan merged with another then-top clan: Crazy Canadians.  With the influx of a number of talented players including Jonesey (now Nite Light), InTheLight quickly shot up to become a Top 10 clan, and continued to attract top players into the clan while others struggled to hold onto their key players.  The merger also led to the creation of InTheNorth, a clan which many of the core members of Crazy Canadians such as Pete Russ and Trainer Garret are still a part of today.  While growth is mainly seen as a positive, it can also hurt a clan if not managed properly.  According to Nite Lite, ITL’s leaders aim to create a clan environment that is extremely competitive, yet at the same time fosters a family-like mentality where relationships have been created that go well beyond Clash Royale.

If you click into the Clan profile now, you may find yourself confused with the number of Light-themed player names that fill up the leadership ranks.  The likes of Saunders, CWhit and Warbring3r are now Bright Light, Lights Out, and Killer Light.  While this confuses the hell out of people, the core members of the clan committed to this change as a show of loyalty and commitment to InTheLight – and to give commentators such as myself a hard time!

The Clash Royale Clans Invitational will be the first tournament participated in by InTheLight as clan.  Nite Light believes that this tournament will be a great opportunity to showcase their talents and come out with a “bang”.  The clan will be represented by clan leader Light Wing, Nite Light, Bright Light (formerly Saunders), Sun Light (formerly Sun), and new max level player Acturus Light.

IMG_3776 IMG_3791 IMG_3775 IMG_3774

Don’t expect this to be a one-time tournament showing for InTheLight.  As the clan continues its unprecedented growth as one of the best in the game, the leadership team plans to continue down to path of taking InTheLight to competitive play and eSports in the future.

Disclaimer: Wagonut is a part of the InTheLight family as InTheNorth’s co-leader Wago.  Wago has no plans to rename himself as Wago Light.


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    hey guys i am at 3500 trophies and want to join your clan for practice and learning new things but, i can’t join because of low trophies kindly allow me to join
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