Clash Royale Clan Profile: Legendary Rivals

This is our third of four Clan Profile features leading up to the Clan Wars Invitational Tournament starting this Friday.  Be sure to check out our profile on 大唐天子 (Datang Tianzi) and InTheLight if you haven’t already, and check back soon for our final feature on Sumou!

CLAN PROFILE: Legendary Rivals

“Loyalty/Honor/Activity – We live by these 3 codes”

This was the clan slogan that was conceived by clan founder and leader Svckerpunch from Day 1, and is perhaps what best describes Legendary Rivals (officially written as one word “LegendaryRivals”, probably due to character length restrictions!), consistently one of the top clans in Clash Royale.  Despite the game having soft launched in only a selected few countries (excluding the US), Legendary Rivals is a United States clan, and has dominated the top spot in the US for much of the game’s life.

With their eyes set on the top of the clan rankings, Legendary Rivals have encouraged their players to push and grow as a family, but not without facing many challenges along the way.  While losing some good players along the way, the clan has always been able to maintain its position through the consistency of its core members such as Saber2thYouTube, JJ Gargantuan, Juan, Jake, Damian, and Chris Goldn, all of whom are now the co-leaders of the clan. The clan secured the #1 position in the US five weeks after the game’s launch, and have held on to the position since.  While many other clans rely on the influx of foreign talents to boost their clan rankings, Legendary Rivals’ membership currently consists of almost all American players, if not all!

With “activity” being one of the clan’s codes, it is no surprise that everyday their players strive to improve through the sharing of decks, and techniques on how to use and defend against different combinations.   The clan leaders act as role models for members old and new, and are actively helping their fellow members everyday.  Their knowledge is not held in isolation though; like many top clans, Legendary Rivals boasts a number of up-and-coming Youtubers and streamers, including Saber2th, DPantano and TheIPadProgamer.

IMG_3793IMG_3797 IMG_3796 IMG_3795  IMG_3792

The clan will be bringing a roster of some of their best to the Clan Wars Invitational: Saber2thYouTube, Damian, Dewy, Juan, JJ Gargantuan, and BucknerLC as a substitute.  It’s not often that the #1 clan in the US enters a tournament as the underdogs, but Legendary Rivals enter the tournament as the #4 seed based on the MoEsport clan rankings (to be officially launched at the end of this Clash Royale season).  According to Svckerpunch though, the clan relishes being the underdogs, and are excited to show to the Clash Royale community what these “underdogs” are capable of accomplishing.  That, and they’re just happy to be a part of the excitement as the “wild card” of the tournament. 🙂



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