Clash Royale Clan Profile: Sumou

This is our last Clan Profile feature leading up to the Clan Wars Invitational Tournament starting today at 8pm EST/5pm PST!  Be sure to check out our profile on 大唐天子 (Datang Tianzi)InTheLight, and Legendary Rivals if you haven’t already!


When people see Sumou, they immediately think of Cruecial – the founder and leader of the clan, YouTube and Twitch personality, and my co-host for the Clan Wars Invitational Tournament!  Unlike most other clans that were established early on the game’s release, Sumou was formed relatively recently, but has consistently been up in the clan rankings – if their players are not out competing in other tournaments!

A big factor for Sumou’s initial success has to do with the fact that most of the founding players were originally from Yadone, a top clan back when the game first started, led by popular Youtuber Molt.  Cruecial originally ran Yadone with Molt, but when Molt decided to focus more on content creation, they went their separate ways.  Molt went on to join InTheLight (who are competing in the tournament!), while Cruecial and many of the core members of Yadone went on to form Sumou.

Within just 2 days of being created, Sumou reached top 10 in the global clan rankings, despite the fact that at the time, there was only one player above tower level 11 in the clan (Cruecial).  When asked about his clan members, Cruecial believes that despite the low levels of his players, they are some of the most talented in the game.   Silv3rth0rn, one of Sumou’s key players, was the highest tower level 10 player in the game for multiple consecutive seasons.

Sumou is well known for hosting tournaments regularly within their clan, which may put them in a good position to perform well under tournament rules.  Many of their player, such as Mats and JHerman, often compete in various tournaments outside of the clan, and have finished in the Top 3 in multiple tournaments.

IMG_3809 IMG_3810 IMG_3808 IMG_3807

Despite being the clan’s highest level player, Cruecial will sit out this tournament to concentrate on his duties as the tournament’s co-host!   Instead, Sumou will be represented by Silv3rth0rn, JHerman, Mats, zdog1337 and pillow man.  While some of these players are not high on the trophy rankings, they are skilled players that have thrived in competing under tournament rules.  It will be interesting to see whether the new cards and tournament caps will have an effect on them in this tournament!

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