Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (May 5th)

MoEsport’s most popular feature is LATE AGAIN this week due to everyone being super busy with the Clan Wars Invitational, but we promise that we will have our next rankings on time starting next Wednesday!  This week’s power rankings are the first since the introduction of the new cards and balance changes, and as expected, we are starting to witness a huge shift in balance with the cards that top players are choosing to play.

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (May 5th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 (tied) Arrows  Arrows 1 (tied) The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Arrows are still the card most used by top players after the big update.
1 (tied) Princess  PrincessCard 5 Three new Legendaries introduced, and still top players are opting to play with Princess!  Perhaps it is because players still need more time (and money) to buy and upgrade the new Legendaries, but as of this week, none of the new cards managed to hit the top 10 in the Power Rankings.
3 Royal Giant  RoyalGiantCard NEW IT HAS BEGUN! Long been the laughing stock of the game since being introduced, Royal Giant finally got the buff it needed to become an impactful card in the game, so much so that Chief Pat is now calling for the card to get nerfed!  The combination of his range and high HP makes Royal Giant one of the most difficult cards to counter in the game now.
4 (tied) Elixir Collector elixir_collector 2 (tied) Despite suffering from a significant nerf in hit points, top players still find it advantageous to have the pump build up extra elixir.
4 (tied) Zap zap 2 (tied) Fact: Zap is arguably the best counter against new Legendary card Sparky!  If you Zap Sparky before its 4.5 seconds charge attack is released, Sparky’s charge will reset from the beginning!
6 (tied) Barbarians  clashroyale-icons-barbarian NEW After a long hiatus from the Power Rankings, the iconic Barbarians makes its return this week, mainly due to the fact that it’s probably the best counter against the now-powerful Royal Giant.
6 (tied) Cannon  CannonCard 5 Despite the nerf, Cannon is still effective as a cheap defense against any ground troops.
6 (tied) Minion Horde  clashroyale-icons-minionhorde 7 Another effective counter card against the Royal Giant – as long as he doesn’t have a Wizard or Ice Wizard trailing behind!
7 Skeletons


 clashroyale-icons-skeletons 9 (tied)  The cheapest card in the game is proving to be a popular card used for distracting troops or even doing damage to tower attackers such as Hog Rider and Royal Giant
10 Goblins  goblins 4 The green trio holds on to the last spot in this week’s Power Rankings.

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