Recap of the Clash Royale Clan Wars Invitational

The first ever Clash Royale Clan Wars invitational took place this past Friday and Saturday, and what a classic it was!  The players representing some of the top clans in the game – InTheLight, 大唐天子 (Datang Tianzi), Sumou and LegendaryRivals – brought their best to the tournament, leading to nail biter finishes in almost every match.  Here’s a recap of the action from the tournament:

Day 1

Sumou v.s. Datang Tianzi 

The tournament started off with a bang with a match-up between top players 长孙CC的打手 (Zhangsun CC’s Dashou) and Silv3rthorn.  With both players counting on their Royal Giants to deal out the majority of the crown tower damage, the match went back-and-forth until CC’s Inferno tower mistakenly targeted Silv3rthorn’s Ice Wizard, allowing for the Royal Giant to finish off CC’s tower.  Sumou’s first victory seemed to have set the pace for the rest of the clan members, with Mats and JHerman winning their next two matches and claiming the series for Sumou.  樱桃Roy (Sakura Roy) managed to take one match for Datang against Pillow Man, but otherwise it was a convincing win by Sumou against the clan that finished #1 this past season!

InTheLight v.s. Legendary Rivals

InTheLight came into this tournament well prepared, and it showed in their first round match-up against Legendary Rivals.  Arcturus Light, Nite Light, and Bright Light (formerly Saunders) all played variations of the Hog-Freeze deck, and secured the series victory for their clan by winning the first 3 matches.  Juan from Legendary Rivals was able to steal a victory from Sun Light from InTheLight with some good defense and well fired Rockets.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 5.23.11 PM

Juan’s final Hog + Rocket push finishes the job

Datang Tianzi v.s. InTheLight

The most anticipated clan match-up during the round robin did not disappoint, as players from both clans brought their best against each other.  The match between 长孙CC的打手 and InTheLight newcomer Arcturus Light was easily the match of the tournament, with Arcturus’ Zap stealing the match from CC’s Rocket during the very last split second.  After Datang’s Capt. Charlie taking game 2 from InTheLight’s Nite Light, Bright Light and Sun Light were able to capitalized off their opponent’s slight misplays against their Hog Riders to secure the series victory for InTheLight.

Sumou v.s. Legendary Rivals

Sumou’s Silv3rthorn, Mats and JHerman continue their dominant play against Legendary Rivals, winning against Saber2thYoutube, BucknerLC and Dewy (who clan leader Svckerpunch said was playing drunk!) and securing their clan’s spot in the finals.  While the series was already lost after the first 3 matches, Legendary Rival’s Juan and JJGargantuan managed to win the last 2 games for their clan.  To many’s surprise, the finalists for the Clan Wars were already determined after just 2 rounds of action: Sumou and InTheLight!

Day 2

3RD PLACE MATCH – Datang Tianzi v.s. Legendary Rivals

With nothing but clan pride at stake, the battle for 3rd place between Datang and Legendary Rivals was an intense affair, with both clans wanting to claim a victory in this tournament.  After 2 heartbreaking losses in Day 1, 长孙CC的打手 finally got his first win of the tournament against Saber2thYoutube‘s Royal Giant deck.  The series came down to a 5th and final deciding game between JJGargantuan and 天挺 (Tianting); Against Tianting’s Giant/Pump deck, JJ controlled the pace of the game with well-timed Poisons and Hog attacks, taking the final game convincingly and securing the 3rd place finish for Legendary Rivals.  Also worth mentioning is that Juan from Legendary Rivals is the only player to have gone undefeated in the entire tournament!

FINALS – Sumou v.s. InTheLight

Rather than playing both a 3rd round match-up and a finals on the same day, the organizer and representative from both clans decided to extend the King-of-the-Hill format so that players from both clans would have “2 lives”.  After a player loses a match, the clan can hand-pick which player will go up against the winning opponent next, as long as that player has not been eliminated (ie. losing twice in the Finals).  Under the King-of-the-Hill format, the clan with 10 victories will become the first ever Clan Wars Invitational champions!

The finals match-up was an intense back-and-forth affair, with neither teams unable to win consecutive games, leading to a 6-6 tie heading into the 13th match.  Despite having 3 other players available, Sumou decided to send team leader Silv3rthorn up against InTheLight’s Nite Light.  As Silv3rthorn had already lost his first finals match against Sun Light, another lost would have eliminated Silv3rthorn and put Sumou in a very tight spot.  Instead, Silv3rthorn’s second go turned out to be the turning point in the Finals, as he went on to not only defeat Nite Light twice, but also InTheLight founders Light Wing and Bright Light in 4 consecutive matches!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.24.37 PM

Silv3rthorn literally a thorn for InTheLight!

Down to their last member, InTheLight’s Arcturus Light manages to finally eliminate Silv3rthorn.  However, InTheLight’s comeback was short lived as Sumou’s pillow man stepped in to defeat Arcturus Light, and winning the tournament for Sumou!

Congratulations to Sumou for winning the Clash Royale Clan Wars Invitational, and a special thank you to their clan leader Cruecial for all the help with this tournament!

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