Clash Royale Card Feature: Fire Spirit Mechanics and Deployment Strategy

Editor’s Note: MoEsport would like to welcome our newest Contributing Writer Mikey45 to the team!  Mikey45 is a passionate Clash Royale gamer who is currently with the Cozart 2.0 clan, and will be covering some of the latest Clash Royale strategies on this site.

With the new update bringing several new cards to the game, we are going to be taking a look at not only the cards themselves, but the new game mechanics they bring with them and how those mechanics change the way we play the game.  First up: we will talk about Fire Spirits.

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If this card could be compared to any other troop in a game, the best example I could think of would be the bandings from StarCraft 2. These guys are famous for absolutely destroying groups of enemies by exploding and doing area damage. The Fire Spirit can be viewed in the same way. It is a 2 cost troop in which spawns 3 spirits that can do massive area damage! With the deploy time only being 1 second and a very fast movement speed this troop can easily be a very influential card to have in anyone’s deck.


The fact that this card only costs 2 elixir to play is a strength in of itself. I was put into a situation where I had to use my arrows to clear the board and consequently minion horde was played. This is where this card really opened up my eyes as I had used my arrows and when I played the card I waited just until the horde was in range of the tower and completely destroyed the horde and the remaining 2 were shot down by the tower shortly after. It is also great against Barbarians. However, I usually wait till after they are about to clear the bridge do to the fact that the splash damage is not as spread out due to the bottleneck the bridge creates. I was testing around with this earlier and found that if the they explode on the bridge they tend to only damage the units in the front which limits the potential damage.

  • Most effective against Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Minion Horde
  • Also can be used against Barbarians.


The drawback to this card is its health. Due to the movement speed of this card, the most popular/common counter is Zap. Players who are using this card need to be aware that if their opponent has Zap, it would be in your best interest to try and draw the Zap out. It is weak against units that have a lot of health examples being troops like Giant, P.E.K.K.A, etc.

Proper Usage:

These are things you should consider when playing this card.

  • The main thing you have to pay attention to when playing this card is what exactly does your opponent have in their deck.
  • If they have Zap, then your going to have to bait those out if you want to be able to play the card without worrying about it being killed as you play it.
  • If your opponent places their Barbarians behind the tower and they form a line, this card will only damage the two front Barbarians. Keep this in mind when countering Barbarians.
  • On the Wiki it says that this card is best used defensively, as they are unlikely to reach Crown Towers due to their low hitpoints. I disagree with this as I have seen examples in which people use this card effectively on offensive pushes. I was using Balloon/Freeze and was being countered by Minion Horde, so I played my Balloon to bait out the minions and then timed it to where the tower just targets the Balloon.  I then deployed my Fire Spirits and they were right there waiting for the Minion Horde when they spawned.

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