Top Players and Clans from the 5th Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season

The 5th Clash Royale Legendary Arena season has just wrapped up, and we have a new #1 player!  The top player this season is none other than Dino 应书岭(Ying Shu Ling) from the Clan HERO 英雄互娱 (Hero Entertainment).  Dino is no ordinary player: he’s actually the CEO of a well known mobile gaming company called Hero Entertainment in China!  Hero Entertainment also happens to be one of the companies leading the formation the “China Mobile eSports Alliance” established in October of last year; any coincidence that Dino would want to strive for that #1 spot this season??

As Clash Royale’s #1 ambassador Chief Pat noted, there appeared to be a lot win-trading amongst the top players on the final day of the season, especially from players belonging to China clans.  Without pointing out to specific individuals, it has pretty much been established that many of the top players in that region have access to multiple max level accounts, and are intentionally bumping one specific account for the purpose to reaching the top ranks and getting more exposure.  While this issue is nothing new, the fact that many players are utilizing this method to achieve higher ranks is something to be concerned about, as it puts into question the integrity of the player rankings that everyone respects and follows on a daily basis.  This is a difficult problem to tackle, but we at MoEsport have faith that the Clash Royale team will find a solution to this soon.

As for clan rankings, H.2.0 once again was able to secure the #1 clan spot.  大唐天子 (Datang Tianzi), led by the 2 CC players/accounts (who finished #4 and #5 this season respectively), managed to sneak past InTheLight for the #2 position.  Readers have probably noticed our Clash Royale clan rankings on our sidebar by now; after feedback from our readers and clan members, we have decided to put on hold our current points system, and establish a new Top Clans ranking for a “Summer Season” starting in May – so be on the lookout for that and start building up your clan if you wish to reach the rankings!

Looking back, the season was another big success for Clash Royale, as several key milestones were reached during these 2 weeks:

  • Dino and 琦玉老师 (Saitama Sensei, the alias for One Punch Man) becoming the first 2 players to reach 5,000 trophies before the end of the season
  • Over 50,000 players reaching Legendary Trophies status

It still remains to be seen what all these accumulated Legend Trophies will mean for players as Clash Royale continues to make strides as a competitive eSports game, but it sure wouldn’t be a bad idea to start collecting them as soon as you can!  Best of luck to all players for this 6th season, and we hope to see even more players reaching Legendary Arena in 2 weeks!

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