Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (May 12th)

We are back with another week of the Clash Royale Card Power Rankings!  After having some time for experimentation following the introduction of new cards and balance update, it looks like the top players are starting to find the decks and combinations that are working for them.  Surprisingly, Royal Giant is now nowhere to be seen in the Top 10, despite it appearing in almost every other match in Arena 7 and early on in Arena 8.  Just like the Mortar before it, Royal Giant appears to be one of those cards that are very effective against the masses, but can be easily countered by top level players.

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (May 12th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 (tied) Elixir Collector  elixir_collector 4 (tied) What nerf?  The Pump is back on top regardless of its HP decrease.
2 Cannon  CannonCard 6 (tied) Seriously, what nerf?  Same case as the Pump, Cannon is still an effective 3-cost defense building despite the HP decrease.
3 (tied) Princess  PrincessCard 1 (tied) A slight drop in usage this week for the Princess, but she remains by far the most popular Legendary card in the game.
3 (tied) Zap  zap 4 (tied) Hurray for Zap!  This marks the first time ever that Zap has ranked above Arrows in the Card Power Rankings!  Looks like more and more top players are finding the MoEsport 1-second freeze to be very useful.
5 (tied) Arrows  Arrows 1 (tied) Still a very popular card, but it looks like top players are finally beginning to explore alternatives to Arrows, especially since it doesn’t particularly do much against the likes of Royal Giant/Giant/Sparky decks.
5 (tied) Freeze  download NEW After experimenting with different decks, many top players have decided to go back to what works best for them…
7 Hog Rider  clashroyale-icons-hogrider 1 (tied) … Hog Freeze.
8 Minions  minions 1 (tied) With the prevalence of Zap and Arrows, more and more players are opting to play Minions instead of Minion Hordes to avoid bad trades.
9 (tied) Skeletons  clashroyale-icons-skeletons 7 Arguably the only card that actually trades well against the 2-cost Zap, Skeletons can even do decent damage against Royal Giants!
9 (tied) Spear Goblins  clashroyale-icons-speargoblins NEW The spear huckers are finally back in the power rankings this week, barely edging out the likes of Minion Horde, Musketeer, and Valkyrie!

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