Most popular decks in Hearthstone’s current meta

Hearthstone Tournaments in the past weeks have given us a good look at what are some of the top decks emerging in the new Standard mode.   With the HCT Spring Preliminaries in Europe taking place over this weekend, Nydra was able to collect from Blizzard all 888 decks that are being played this weekend in this GosuGamers article.

Starting with class distribution, it appears that  Warrior and Shaman have become the 2 most popular classes in the currently meta, with decks being present in 80% and 76% of all line-ups respectively.  Meanwhile, despite MoEsport writer itzBolt finding success with mid-range Hunter, only 17 of the 222 participants will be playing with Hunter decks in the tournament.

As for specific decks, the following are the top 5 decks archetypes in the tournament:

#1: N’Zoth Paladin

Long gone are the days of the fast pace Mysterious Challenger Paladin decks.  Instead, the prevalent Paladin deck nowadays has tons of healing, removals and big minions.  Ragnaros, Lightlord and Forbidden Healing are extremely effective in keeping players alive until N’Zoth is dropped and brings back the likes of Tirion Fordring and Sylvanas back in the game.

#2: Zoo Lock

The Standard Mode Zoo Lock replaces old staples such as Implosion and Nerubian Egg with new ones like Darkshire Councilman, Possessed Villager and Forbidden Ritual.  Knife Juggler is still effective as ever with chucking knives despite the small nerf in attack, and big damage dealers like Sea Monster and Doomguard fit in naturally as finishers.  The new Zoo Lock deck is probably the easiest one of players to put together and master out of all the new top decks.

#3: Aggro Shaman

Shaman has plenty of ways to deal early damage and dominate the board in early game.  Flamewreathed Faceless is a card that has everyone scratching their heads (4 mana for a 7/7??), and with Big Game Hunter no longer a threat, most players now struggle dealing with the beatdown offense from Aggro Shaman.

#4: Miracle Rogue

Miracle Rogue is back with lots of new spells for the Gadgetzan Auctioneer to draw cards with.  New legendary Xaril, Poisoned Mind provides some guaranteed cheap spells, but otherwise the deck consists mainly of classics such as SI:7 Agent, Fan of Knives, Preparation, Edwin VanCleef, etc.  No Blade Flurry means dealing with swarms from Zoo Lock and Aggro Shaman will be a lot tougher, but if Miracle Rogue gets its card draw going, it is very difficult to stop.

#5: Midrange Shaman

Arguably the more fun of the top Shaman decks, Midrange Shaman counts on totem-centric cards such as Thing from Below, Master of Evolution, and Thunder Bluff Valiant to buff up the board.  Somewhat similar to Aggro Shamn, Flamewreathed Faceless and Rockbiter Weapon/Doomhammer combo are also essentials to this deck.

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