Introducing the new Clash Royale Clan Season Rankings!

For the past weeks, we at MoEsport have been experimenting with ways to better identify and give recognition to the top clans in Clash Royale.  After researching on various different points systems, we are now finally ready to re-introduce our Clash Royale Clan Rankings!

First off, with so many great clans, we wanted to recognize more than just the Top 20 clans in the game.  Our points and rankings systems have therefore been expanded as follows:

  • Points will be awarded for the Top 40 clans after each 2-week season (based on clan rankings from within the last minute of the season).  The top clan of the season will receive 40 points, 2nd clan will receive 39 points, etc.
  • Points will accumulate for three months.  The current Summer season will last from May to July.  At the end of July, MoEsport will recognize and award the Top 3 clans of the Summer season.

The top 10 rankings can be found permanently on the website’s sidebar, while the full rankings can be found on our new Rankings page.  We hope this points system will serve as a more consistent way to follow the top clans in the game (with redirects to each clan’s page coming soon), so please let us know what you think about the system and rankings in the comments below!

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