Vainglory Spring Season Championships Announced for North America and Europe

The Vainglory Spring Season Championships are coming! The North America and Europe Championship Finals will be held in Hollywood on June 3rd and 5th, and Berlin on June 10th to 12th respectively.  This will be the first major Vainglory tournament since the partnership was announced between Super Evil Megacorp and Twitch, and will of course be streamed exclusivity on Twitch.

For the North America Championship, Team SoloMid (formerly Team Alliance) will look to defend their title against the likes of Gankstars, Hammers esports (formerly Halcyon Hammers), and host of other top teams in what is anticipated to be the most stacked field ever!  The European Championship will be ever bit as competitive, with defending champions Team Secret expecting to go up against rivals G2 Esports, SK Gaming and mousesports.

And before the other teams have the chance to dethrone the current regional champions, Team SoloMid and Team Secret will be going up against each other in a Champion v.s. Champion match on May 21st!  Be sure to catch the action live on the Vainglory Twitch channel and Mobcrush channel, and see which of these two teams can claim to be the Champion of Champions!

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