More eSports players in Clash Royale: Faker reveals he’s a free-to-play player

Back in March, we revealed that a number of top eSports players in China such as Sky and Misaya are actively playing Clash Royale.  It should probably come as no surprise then that Faker, arguably the most famous eSports player in the world, is also playing the game!

During the recent League of Legends 2016 Mid-Season Invitational (which he also won with SK Telecom T1), renowned eSports reporter Travis Gafford sat down with Faker and revealed 2 facts with a tweet:

  • Travis does not play Clash Royale (shame!)
  • However, Faker does, and is currently at 2,500 trophies as a Free-to-play (F2P) player

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.13.06 PM

While 2,500 trophies as a F2P player doesn’t sound impressive on its own (many players have been able to reach 3000+ as F2P players), keep in mind that Faker’s full time occupation is playing League of Legends, and probably only has time to play Clash Royale on his spare time.  Also it can be assumed that Faker did not start playing Clash Royale until the game’s global launch, as it was not available in South Korea until then.


Not the real Faker

We may not know the name of Faker’s account in Clash Royale, but we now know for fact that another top ranked account playing under the “Faker” name is definitely not the same person.  With his enormous success in League of Legends, it is unlikely that Faker will commit too much time to Clash Royale or compete in the game’s tournaments.  But with Clash Royale establishing itself as one of the most popular mobile games in South Korea (so much so that Chief Pat, NickatNyte and Orange Juice were invited to participate in an invitational there!), this will definitely not be the last time we hear about eSports players spending time on Clash Royale!


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