Team SoloMid defeats Team Secret in Vainglory Champion v.s. Champion showdown

It was a highly anticipated showdown between regional Vainglory champions Team SoloMid (representing North America) versus Team Secret (representing Europe) in today’s Champion v.s. Champion match-up.  Upping the stake of the tournament, Vainglory developer Super Evil Megacorp will be granting in-game rewards (free card box, custom social ping, custom Lance in-game quote) for all Vainglory players within the regions that the winning team are representing.

After splitting the first 2 matches, it was Team SoloMid coming out on top in the best-of-7 series match up, defeating Team Secret 4 games to 2.  While the VOD is currently not available, you can catch some of the game’s highlights from the official Vainglory Twitter page.


  1. Alb Chang

    I’m In NA and my classmates all got the free card boxes. Only I don’t have it. Why?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      You’re going to have to ask the guys at SEMC for this one 🙂


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