Top Players and Clans from the 7th Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season

The 7th Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season wrapped up this Sunday, and once again the fight for the final spot came down to the final seconds.  Derek Cheung 鍾培生 of HKEsports once again made a valiant final push to the top of the standings, but was shut down in a #1 v.s. #2 showdown by 子超 楚楠 (Zichao Chunan) Group L.P. of H.2.0 (a match that even made it on TV Royale!).  Unfortunately, the individual rankings were once against tainted with some very obvious win trading happening on the final day; 3 of the top players and 5 of the top 30 players “coincidentally” finished the season without a clan.  Also interestingly, Gaibo00 and Gianluca89, two top 20 ranked players from Italian Legends (and who Bright Light pointed out as being two of the best players in the game), finished the season with H.2.0., and are now with a new clan called ilDucato.  Unlike eSports teams, there are still a lot of player movement around clans in the game, and it’ll probably be some time before this stabilizes.

On the clans side, 大唐天子 Datang Tianzi once again finished at the top spot, and are currently the #1 ranked clan in our MoEsport clan rankings; H.2.0. and InTheLight took the #2 and #3 spot respectively.  With HKEsports falling out of the top 10 this past season, Datang, H.2.0., and InTheLight have pretty much solidified their spots as the top 3 clans in the game.  It will be interesting to see whether these 3 clans will be able to maintain their roster of top players moving forward, and whether there will be new clans (such as Nova) that may present a challenge to the top 3 in the future.  The updated clan rankings can now be found on our Rankings page.

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