Clash Royale Tournament Strategy: Royal Giant

Editor’s Note: For our second Clash Royale Tournament Strategy Article, MoEsport would like to welcome our new guest writer Cory!  In this article, Cory will be focusing on a card that can be very deadly in the right hands: Royal Giant.

Strong Against:
Crown towers and buildings. Having large health and extremely long range (longer than Bomb Tower, Tesla, Cannon, and Inferno), it can be very deadly if not dealt with correctly, and can take out crown towers very easily.

Weak Against:
Barbarians: Well paced Barbarians can take out support for the Royal Giant, and also the Royal Giant.  Without a defense for your support, Royal Giant might not even get a shot off.  Royal Giant by itself against Barbarians is a -1 elixir trade.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: Place this against the Royal Giant if you can take some damage on your tower, and a you’ll have a +2 elixir trade. Mini P.E.K.K.A is not a good option against Royal Giant if your opponent has support troops that can block your Mini P.E.K.K.A from getting direct hits on the Royal Giant.

Inferno Tower: If played at the right spot, the Inferno can reach the Royal Giant before it targets the crown tower. This will melt the Royal Giant for a +1 elixir trade. However the Inferno will not be effective if the Royal Giant has support troops that take the initial hit, or take out the Inferno Tower before it can destroy the Royal Giant.

Combo Cards:
Wizard: Paired with the Royal Giant, the bearded duo can very well take down a tower. Wizard with high splash damage, can take out Barbarians, Minion Horde, and other swarm troops used to counter the Royal Giant. If going against this combo, an Inferno Tower would be a good counter.  You can also place Barbarians over both of these troops, but make sure the Wizard is first targeting something else!

Witch: The splash damage coming from the Witch can be useful, but her main asset are the skeletons she spawns. These skeletons can distract Mini P.E.K.K.A.s and Inferno Towers, and can be deadly on the tower if not countered. Her splash can also take out weak swarm troops as well.

Barbarians: Used to surround the Royal Giant to guard against opposing towers or troops, they can also do significant damage to the crown tower. The Barbarians will protect the Royal Giant from towers, Mini Pekka, and other troops. Beware of Minion Horde and Fireball though.

Tournament Tactics:
Long Game Royal Giant: (Suggested Combo Cards: Elixir Collector, Valkyrie, Fireball, Arrows).
This tactic involves using the elixir collector to gain an elixir advantage over time, and usually you send out the Royal Giant by itself, with some spells for support. You are not going to see a lot of troop support with the Royal Giant, but the Royal Giant will do good incremental damage to the tower that can add up over time. Spells are used to support the Royal Giant or also used to chip away at the Tower. You’ll also see this deck with defensive cards, so they can prepare for the counter-push. Royal Giant will usually get 2-3 hits each time you use him, which can do 250-500 damage, which is significant over time. Royal Giant will win one on one with the Cannon, Tesla and Bomb Tower in tournament standards, and even with crown tower damage, it can get a couple shots in if no other troops are countering the Royal Giant. Spell support can be deadly in these situations, and your opponent will regret not using troops to defend the Royal Giant.  

DeathBall Push: (Suggested Combo Cards: Barbarians, Ice Wizard, Wizard, Witch, Elixir Collector, Goblin Hut).
This strategy involves saving and building up your elixir, and setting up enough huts to set up for a giant deathball push with the Royal Giant and Barbarians, or lots of support behind. This can take the opponent by surprise, and if the deathball is not dealt with correctly, or cannot be dealt with at all, it can even result in a big 3 crown victory for the Royal Giant user.  The key is to build up the combo while defending your crown towers; watch out for opponents trying to catch you off guard when you play your Elixir Collector, or use spells to destroy it.  With enough support for the Royal Giant, along with an array of spells and elixir boost from the Pump, the push can literally be unstoppable if played properly.    

Playing Against Royal Giant

Royal Giant can be effective in tournament play.  With long playing times, a Royal Giant can effectively chip down a tower fairly well. Never leave a Royal Giant uncountered, as he can take down a crown tower and do work to your King Tower once a tower is down.  As mentioned above, Barbarians are a good answer to Royal Giant, Mini P.E.K.K.A is a good option if you can afford some tower damage, swarm troops are good for taking out Royal Giant if he has no support, and Inferno Tower is a good counter if he has no surrounding troops.

Zap is a smart way to counter Royal Giant, because you can cause it to retarget to another building instead of a crown tower. Miner can also be used to take out back support; this will give you time to deploy your small troops to take care of the Royal Giant. Tesla is also an interesting card against Royal Giant; even though the Royal Giant has the longer range, the Tesla will stay underground until he gets into range of the Tesla, so the Royal Giant cannot snipe it.

If you do not have a counter to the Royal Giant when he is deployed, you can push the other lane to lure the Royal Giant support to another lane. Ice Wizard can be good for slowing down Royal Giant attacks, but is not sufficient to take care of the Royal Giant by itself, as it does way too little damage to the Royal Giant. Rocket during tournament play will take the Royal Giant down to around ⅓ of its health.  If you can aim the Rocket to wipe out support around it, it can net you a positive elixir trade.

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