Top Clash Royale players in China square off in live tournament in Shanghai

Update: It was announced by that the concurrent viewers for the event actually reached upwards to 2.8million

With the Clash Royale leaderboards dominated by players in China and Hong Kong, it is no surprise that the tournament scene is also picking up very rapidly in the region.   This past Saturday, some of the biggest names in both Clash Royale and eSports, including HKEsports CEO Derek Cheung and China’s richest son Wang Sicong participated in a live tournament in Shanghai, China.  The tournament was held by Chinese internet conglomerate Qihoo 360, and streamed on and Wang Sicong’s Panda TV.

Derek and some cosplayers. Giant looks a tad small…

The live tournament consists of 2 competitions: an exhibition team battle between Derek’s HKEsports clan and Wang Sicong’s Aiji Julebu (Love Gay Club) clan, and a best-of-5 single elimination tournament with a RMB300,000 (~USD45,000) prize for 1st place.  In the Clan exhibition, the 5 players from each clan were matched up against each other, playing 2 games each.  3 points were awards to players winning both matches, while 1 point was awarded to both players if the games were split. Despite Wang Sicong’s clan consisting of some of the biggest names in China eSports (including Misaya, Sky, and CaoMei (草莓)), they were defeated by HKEsports with an aggregate score of 8-3.

The highlight of the tournament was the highly anticipated head-to-head match-up between Derek and Wang Sicong.  As two of the biggest (and wealthiest) eSports influencers in the region, it is interesting that they have both invested a lot of their time and money in Clash Royale.  Wang Sicong tried to hold his own with a hut spam deck, but Derek’s Sparky Giant proved to be too much for in the first match.  Derek switched up to a fast cycle deck for the 2nd game, and while Wang Sicong made a few crucial misplays, it took Derek several minutes into overtime before he was able to put Sicong away.

Meanwhile, 4 other top players in the game – 鬼魅影 (Ghost Shadow) , UIYsses, WisdomKaka, and 汉子 (Hanzi) – competed in the single elimination tournament.  In the end, it was Ghost Shaw, a co-leader at top clan Nova who have reached 4879 trophies, who came out on top by defeating UlYsses 3 games to 1 in the finals.

Outside of the official Clash Royale Helsinki tournament, this was perhaps the biggest live Clash Royale to date with a large live audience and well over 200,000 viewers watching the live stream (Update: 2.8 million concurrent viewers).  And the live audience did not go home disappointed, as billionaire Wang Sicong generously handed out to everyone a Mountain of Gems at the end of the tournament!  Will this tournament be just a taste of what’s to come with the tournament scene in Clash Royale?  We can only hope that future live tournaments of this calibre can be held in the West, and that more players (not just those high up on the trophy rankings) will be given the opportunity to participate!


  1. Patrick

    I think clash royale will be the first mobile game to be supported by the esport community around the world. And as you maybe know, Supercell is actually looking to hire someone to manage esport & competion for Clash Royale.

    As usual, the Asian eSports Scene is a bit ahead when it comes to real investment into the gaming industry.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Yes China is way ahead in the game right now in mobile eSports especially, and that is also why I’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s happening there!

  2. Bill

    Hi, I read your blog like every week. Your humoristic style is awesome,
    keep up the good work!

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