Rumor: sign deals with 35 top Clash Royale players in China worth 19.8 million USD

Companies in China have jumped full on the Clash Royale eSports bandwagon, as a number of high profile tournaments and events have already been held in the country in the past months (including a live tournament in Shanghai last week).  Now, a number of Chinese media sites are reporting that Chinese streaming site has committed contracts worth $19.8 million USD to secure the streaming rights to 35 of the game’s top players in China! The 35 players were all amongst the 64 Clash Royale players that competed in the recent 360 Clash Royale Super League.  Signing terms are different for each individual player, and vary in length from 1 to 3 years.

5kong list

The supposed list of players signed by

The signing figure may seem ridiculously large at first, but with over 200 streaming platforms (all with good financial backing) vying to stand out in the competitive China market, and the increasing popularity of Clash Royale and mobile eSports in general, investing close to $20 million dollars for years of exclusive content without any revenue sharing doesn’t seem too far fetched.  Also, it is most likely that contracts are structured so that the players will have to fulfill certain obligations (such as participating in # of streams and tournaments) in order to receive their full payment.

The recent live tournament in Shanghai reached a peak of 2.8 million concurrent viewers according to, which can be seen as a sign of the popularity of both the game as well as its players.  With still many top players in China (and overseas!) yet to be signed (including tournament winner 鬼魅影 Ghost Shadow), this deal will only help boost their value as a competitive player/streamer in Clash Royale.  It will be interesting to see if the rest of the world will follow suit with player signings, and whether more players will begin pursuing the dream of being a full time Clash Royale player!

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