Hammers Velocity wins Vainglory North America Spring Championship

Correction: Phoenix Reign banned Kestrel in both matches against Nemesis Hydra, not Celeste.  Thanks BFDMMEXI for pointing this out!

The semi-finals and finals of the Vainglory North America Spring Championship were held live in Hollywood earlier today.  In the end, it was top seed Hammers Velocity defeating 4-seed Phoenix Reign three games to one.

In the first semi-final series, fan favorites Nemesis Hydra were counting on VONC to continue his stellar play in the final day of competition.  Phoenix Reign tactfully banned Kestrel in both matches, and went after VONC early and hard to prevent the skilled player from dealing much damage.  After coming back from a close game 1, Phoenix Reign dominated game 2 with 9 kills to 3, securing their spot in the finals.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.03.59 PM

Phoenix Reign made sure to take out VONC first in almost every engagement

The second semi-finals series was a highly anticipated battle between teammates Hammers Velocity and Hammers Kinetic.  With both teams knowing each other’s playing styles very well, the battles were close as expected with momentum swinging back-and-forth throughout the matches.  Hammers Kinetic fought valiantly, building a gold lead in both matches with ttigers playing exceptional for the third seed.  However, Velocity managed to seize the momentum late game, winning both games and earning the last spot into the finals.

Dnzio and Vains finishing off the Ace, and the match

Dnzio and Vains finishing off the Ace, and the match

In the best-of-5 Finals, Phoenix Reign came out fighting and took the first match from Hammers Velocity.  However, Hammers Velocity would regain their composure in the following three matches and play almost mistake-free en route to the Championship.  Brazilian player Aloh4 was named MVP of the tournament, and 13 year old Dnzio becomes one of the youngest eSports champions to date!  With Team SoloMid now dethroned and a number of top teams stepping up in this tournament, it will be interesting to see how long Hammers Velocity will be able to remain as the top Vainglory team in North America.



    They banned Kestrel, not Celeste.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Our bad for the typo, thanks for pointing that out!


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