Top Players and Clans from the 8th Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season

Another 2 weeks, another Clash Royale Legendary Season comes to a close.  There are now over 220,000 players that have earned Legendary trophies, and we are still awaiting to see what they actually good for!

Relatively new clan Nova was the spotlight this season, securing both the top clan spot as well as well as the top player spot through KOMagnet.  A veteran in the game who previously started with Full Attack!, KOMagnet has now proven that he can play with and beat the best with a maxed account.  Fellow clan member Wisdomkaka (who participated in the recent 360 invitational tournament representing HKEsports) finished the season as #3.  Former Sumou player Silv3rthorn (who was the MVP at our Clan Wars Invitational tournament) also joined up with Nova, and finished the season as the top ranked level 12 player at #36.

Another clan on the rise (outside of China this time!) is Arab Union, who has two players (saddam and k7eLan) finishing within the top 20 this season.  Both clans have shot up in our Clan Rankings page, but it is still H.2.0., Datang Tianzi and InTheLight who own the top 3 spots for our Summer Season.  Also interesting to note is that 2 top 40 clans LegendaryRivals and U.S.A. have now merged to form USA Rivals.