Clash Royale Tournament Strategy: Miner

The Miner was a card introduced in the big May update as a new legendary unlockable in Arena 6, Builders Workshop. The Miner can be a versatile troop that can be used in many ways, and can create devastating combos with almost any troop in the game.

Tournament Play Notes:
Some important statistics:

  • A level one Miner has 1060 health, 133 damage per second, 160 damage, and 64 damage to crown towers.
  • Fireball only takes it down to around half health
  • it cannot one-shot Goblins, but leave them at only 9 health
  • it can two-shot Bombers
  • it takes four shots to take out one Barbarian, a Musketeer, and a Wizard.
  • The Miner can be compared to the Knight. The Miner has around 300 less health, 11 less dps, and 1 more damage. The bonus to Miner is that for the same cost, you can place it anywhere on the map. The miner can also be compared to the Baby Dragon. Having around the same health and damage, the Baby Dragon does area damage, but less dps, and can fly.

Strong Against:

Back line support. It is great against Musketeers, Bombers, or Wizards giving support for a tank. Being able to place it anywhere on a map, the Miner is great for sneaking up on the back line, and leaving the opponent’s tank vulnerable. It is superb against Princesses. Two-shotting them with ease, they can also advance and put in chip damage to the crown tower. They’re also great against Elixir Collectors, as they can completely wipe out the elixir collector and net a great positive Elixir trade (3 elixir to prevent 7).

Weak Against:
Goblins: Unable to one shot Goblins makes him very easy to take out using Goblins. That’s a plus-one Elixir trade off and a counter-push. The Miner is basically vulnerable to any swarm troops, because without area damage, it takes him quite a while to fight them off. Watch out for a zap though!

Mini P.E.K.K.A: The Mini P.E.K.K.A is able to two-shot the Miner and take only ¼ of his health off. It also makes a strong counter-push when advancing towards the opponent. It also won’t die to Fireball.

Barbarians: These guys make it tough for the miner to get to the tower, and can make a heavy counter-push when coming back. However, watch out for an incoming Fireball, as the miner user can get a great elixir trade.

Combo Cards:
Minion Horde: With the Miner tanking the crown tower, the minion horde can completely wipe out the tower with ease. Place the Miner first, then the Minion Horde, so the tower can lock onto the Miner and leave the Minion Horde unharmed. When countering this scary combo, make sure to get rid of the Minion Horde first, as that is the damage dealing card. Don’t leave the Miner unscaved though, it can do a good 300 damage to the tower.

Goblins: This cheap combo can take out a tower, because of the high dps of the Goblins. With great timing, the Miner will be able to tank the crown tower damage, and the Goblins can output the high dps onto the tower. This combo might not be intimidating, but it can take out a tower.

Hog Rider: This duo is very threatening, as the already great Hog Rider, paired up with the crown-tower tanking Miner, can obliterate a tower. It can be difficult to take out both threats at once, but make sure the Hog Rider is your priority. A good counter to this combo are Barbarians or Minion Horde.

Tournament Tactics:
Miner combos: (Suggested combo cards: Minion Horde, Goblins, Princess, Ice Wizard, Mini P.E.K.K.A)
This strategy involves using a large arsenal of cards to combo with the Miner. Expect a Miner coming towards your tower, then either a swarm card or a Mini P.E.K.K.A. This strategy can be hard to stop if the opponent has Elixir Collectors, and can spam his Miner combos at you. The Princess will be played for support to take out whatever you use to counter the Miner (Goblins, Minions, etc.) Without a good counter, a single push can take out at least half your tower. This strategy can make the opponent constantly defending, and unable to make a decent push. This strategy feeds off of misplays, as one single misplay could lose your tower. Ice wizard is also there for support.

Miner-hog: (Suggested combo cards: Hog Rider, Goblins, Zap, Fireball, Freeze, Poison, Princess)
This tactic pairs up the Hog Rider and Miner for a scary push. Paired up with spell support, this strategy can devastate a tower early in the game. The spell support is crucial, as Barbarians can net a huge positive elixir trade, or even Goblins can do good if you’re willing to take some tower damage. This is where huge spell support comes in.  As this is a big push, you won’t want to waste it.  A well-played spell can wipe out the counter and cause a tower to go down. For example, the Miner-Hog combo is played. The opponent plays Barbarians, which you can then counter with a Fireball. The opponent can play Poison, Fireball or Freeze, and either way, without a sufficient counter, great damage can be dealt.

Miner Spam: (Suggested Combo Cards: Goblins, Spear Goblins, Zap, Fireball, Mirror, Elixir collector, Goblin Hut)
This strategy uses the Mirror to spam the use of the Miner, forcing chip damage in to take the tower down slowly. The user of the strategy will have Elixir Collectors up, usually two or three at a time (because of the Mirror), all while using the Miner to put in some chip damage along side Goblins and Spear Goblins. During double Elixir time, the person will spam the Miner to the tower, forcing defense on the other side, all while constant pressure comes in. Miner after Miner will arrive, and at one point the opponent can be left with nothing to counter, and lose the tower. When using this tactic, make sure constant chip damage goes in, pressuring the opponent (this is why the Goblin Hut is a great choice in this deck).

Playing against miner:
Make sure not to put in too much Elixir to defend against a single Miner. This can leave you vulnerable to other pushes and attacks. It’s okay to take some chip damage from the Miner, as a single Miner can’t take a tower down. Drawing out mistakes from the Miner user can set you up for a great pushes that can be in your favor. When a Miner combo comes towards you, make sure to prioritize the major damage dealing card, then go for the Miner. When playing against Miner-Minion horde, don’t Zap the Minion Horde, as it will still leave them alive, and do what full health minions could still do. Instead, use a spell than can wipe them all out, or a Wizard. If your Elixir Collectors are being abused by the Miner, play them in the middle. Both towers will help out in taking out the Miner, and it will prevent your Elixir Collector from being completely destroyed.

Ice Wizard can be used against the Miner to slow it down, and only minimal damage will be dealt. A Knight will win against the Miner in tournament play, so it is a great counter to the Miner. Minions are great against Miners, but just watch out for spells.