What NOT to expect in upcoming Clash Royale updates

While the Clash Royale team has been rather silent about what new cards and features will be introduced in future updates, they have recently shared with players a list of often-requested features that are ruled out for the foreseeable future.  The list is as follows:

Quality of Life Changes:
· More chest slots
· Ability to open more than one chest at a time.
· Trashing chests.
· Merging chests – Two silver chests become a gold chests, 4 gold become a magical chest ect.
· Win rate % on a player’s profile.
· Taunt muting option.
· New skins for each level of troop.
· Selling cards.

Clan Related:
· Ability to donate Epic cards.
· Ability to Donate Legendary cards.

Battle Related:
· Option to mute taunts.
· Surrender button.
· In the event of a draw, players split the trophies, instead of both getting 0.

New Card Types:
· Some sort of high hitpoint wall card. Would be placed on a bridge. Also has a timer like any other defence.

Despite taunts being the single biggest cause for broken phones and tablets, it is interesting to know that the game team has no intention to allow players to “squelch” taunts like Hearthstone.  Even being a relative mild mannered player, there are times where I get absolutely frustrated by opponents who constant troll by sending a taunt everyone 5 seconds.  While I respect the fact that taunts are here to stay, I do feel that the taunt feature has room for tweaking to make the game more enjoyable instead of being more frustrating.  Shutting down the wall card suggestion isn’t a surprise as the game team has stated many times before that they want to see offense over defense.  Along with the above list, the game team shared a number of features that are NOT ruled out, but are not being worked on at the moment:

Quality of Life Changes:
· More achievements.
· More TV Royale replays.
· More TV Royale categories – Top 200 players ect.
· Rewards upon hitting new Arena’s. (Legendary arena awards you a legendary card ect)
· Weekly & monthly crown chests.
· Daily/Weekly/Monthly quests. ( e.g. Use 200 barbarian cards this month ect).
· Naming your deck.

Clan Related:
· More frequent card requests.
· Donate more cards.
· See who is online.
· See when people were last online.
· Longer clan mail space.
· More clan statistics. Weekly battles won ect.
· Clan Wars/Tournaments.

Battle Related:
· 3X elixir in overtime, instead of 2X.
· More taunts.
· Multiple player battles – 2V2, 3v3 ect.
· Customized training arena – Choose your trainer, their cards and their level.
· Wager matches. Gamble your cards and gold away. Winner takes all.

New Card Types:
· Some kind of spell that creates an area of invisibility. Opponents won’t see the spell placed, and troops can be placed inside without the enemy knowing. As soon as they step out of its radius, they become visible again.
· Wind Spell. Blows air troops a few tiles back.
· Some sort of card that utilizes the river – doesn’t attack crown or king towers, used as a support defence unit.
· Some sort of troop with DoT capabilities. Upon death, increases the damage of troops nearby for a short while.
· A card that creates another bridge where ever you like.

A lot of interesting features here that are in the “not ruled out” bucket.  Despite the team having teased that they were working on some Clans War feature, it looks like this has now been put on the back burner.  Also, despite all the imperfections with the current TV Royale, it looks like this is a feature that will not be touched for awhile.

With a greater emphasis on tournaments and competitive play, one feature that we suspect the game team IS working on is a easier way for players to engage in friendly battles without being in the same Clan.  A “friend’s list” feature is not part of either lists; could this be something that we can expect in future updates?

Too lazy to read?  You can catch Mr Clasher’s listing the above on his latest YouTube video.

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  1. krs

    in the events of draw the players will split the trophies and still get nothing because when you win the trophies you get is from the other player and so in a draw it would be a like you gained +15 the for his share of split -15 which comes down to 0 which you get

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Makes total sense, otherwise people will begin playing for ties rather than go for the win.

    2. john

      but it would mean that you get a few throphies if you’re lower in throphies than your opponent

      1. Kingsavage

        Why would you give up your own cards you work hard on and your gold

  2. Harry Boynton

    I actually punched and broke my iPad because I disconnected in 4 consecutive games, and I was going to win the last but I dc’d and he taunted the crap out of me…

  3. doge

    lol me too

  4. Jeff

    I. Rome my iPad 3 times cuz of this game

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  9. Star

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  10. Kerri

    Critically at CR 1, there isn’t any approach in hell anybody goes to be able
    to cope with them across the ranges they’re purported to be encountered at.
    The DC 20 + Spell stage check for casting at the swarm, IF you move the save versus nauseated, signifies that even in case you do have a wizard who might fry it….
    they’re probably not going to have the ability to.
    1d6 harm plus 1 Con damage every round.


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