Team Secret wins Vainglory EU Spring Championship

Team Secret has officially established itself as a force to be reckoned with in Vainglory as the trio of KValafar, Mowglie, and Palmatoro defeated Team Snow Tsunami 3 games to 1 in the Vainglory EU Finals this past weekend. This is Team Secret’s third consecutive Vainglory EU Championship.


Heading into the Semi-finals as the underdogs, Team Snow Tsunami dominated mousesports in the semifinals with a lopsided 14 kills to 0 victory in their second match, securing their spot in the finals.  In a similar dominant fashion, Team Secret swept G2 Kingdom 2-0, closing off the final game with a 17-4 kill score.

Team Snow, powered by Sosiska’s Lance, shocked the defending champions by taking the first finals match with a strong final Kraken push.  Unfazed by the first match, Team Secret adjusted its strategy in dealing with Lance in the second match with a combination of difference in strategy, items and characters and took the second match convincingly.  It was downhill from there for Team Snow, as Team Secret dominated games 3 and 4 en route to their third straight EU Championship.

Fameglory’s accumulated statistics from the 3-day tournament shows just how dominant Team Secret was this past weekend, with the team leading in Kills per Minute, Assists per Minute, CS per Minute and Gold per Minute.  Congratulations to the defending champions, and we can’t wait to see whether Team Secret will be able to full off the Vainglory Grand Slam by winning the Summer Championships!

EU stats

If you missed the live action, be sure to check out the tournament replay from the official Vainglory Twitch Channel.

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