Vainglory ups performance on mobile with Samsung partnership

Already having done a great job bringing the MOBA experience to mobile, Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) has taken things one step further through a partnership with Samsung’s Vulkan graphics API.  The new technology will deliver performance benefits including:

  • 30% faster performance
  • Incredible graphic fidelity as we can render more images on screen
  • Improved battery life while playing Vainglory

So what does this all mean?  First of all, expect to see a better looking map and skins once the Summer update hits on June 16th.  Secondly, with Samsung’s product team directly involved with the API integration, it can be assumed that Galaxy devices are likely the hardware of choice if you wish to enjoy an optimized Vainglory experience, especially in the competitive scene.  As SEMC Chief Creative Officer Stephan “Captainneato” Sherman explains:

“Microsecond fidelity on our devices is essential because we need players to be able to perform at their max capacity.  It’s essential that they have a device that is going to be able to keep up with them.”

Without having different hardwares side-by-side for comparison, it’s hard to tell just how big a difference in performance there is between playing Vainglory on a Galaxy S7 compared to a iPhone 6S or another Android device.  Is this perhaps a beginning for mobile devices that are optimized for competitive gaming much like the existing counterparts on PC?

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