Invincible Armada wins Vainglory’s Samsung E3 Invitational

Coinciding with their partnership with Samsung, Vainglory held a special invitational tournament during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), featuring four of the top teams from around the globe: Team SoloMid (USA), Invincible Armada (Korea), G2 eSports (Spain), and Hunters (China).  In the end, it was Invincible Armada that came out on top by convincingly defeating Team SoloMid 2 games to 0.

The first day of competition ran into some technical difficulties, likely due to connectivity problems within the E3 venue.  Fighting against awkward pauses in between battles, Team SoloMid and Invincible Armada dominated in their matches against Hunters and G2 eSports respectively, setting up for a highly anticipated finals in Day 2….

…However, the highly anticipated match turned out to be one of the most lopsided Vainglory finals ever witnessed, as Invincible Armada dominated TSM in both matches en route to the championship; kill scores for the two matches were 24 to 2 and 26 to 4 in favor of Invincible Armada.  CullTheMeek of TSM stirred some controversy towards the end of the final match as he planted numerous mines to form a smiley face, which essentially signalled the team’s defeat even before the match had ended.  Mango from Invincible Armada took home the finals MVP award with a KDA of 14/2/10 and CS of 54.

The "Smiley Face" mine trap from TSM's CulltheMeek

The “Smiley Face” mine trap from TSM’s CulltheMeek

Can this be seen as a sign of Invincible Armada’s dominance in Vainglory, or a sign of trouble for TSM who also failed to make the final 4 in the recent NA Spring Championships?  Or should we view this tournament as just a friendly exhibition in which the teams were not giving their 100%?  While I believe all teams did try their best in this invitational tournament, the tournament atmosphere definitely did not share the same intensity as that of the regional championships, and it is unlikely that the teams made much effort scouting each other prior to the match.  While Invincible Armada’s victory was most impressive, TSM still looked solid during their first round match against Hunters, and I would expect the team to bounce back in future tournaments.  If you missed the live action, be sure to check out the replay on Vainglory’s Twitch Channel!

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