Recap of the Hammers eSports Clash Royale Live Tournament in Vegas

MoEsport was in Sin City this weekend to participate in the first big live Clash Royale tournament in North America, hosted by our friends at Hammers eSports.  Shoutcasted by MonsterDFace, the tournament featured popular Youtuber NickatNyte and streamer StarSuperKai, and coincided with an online tournament featuring top players such as Bright Light, Acrturus Light and Dotscr.

Wago winning his first round match-up

Wago winning his first round match-up

Wootang's gf stealing the show

Wootang’s gf stealing the show

Just like the Helsinki tournament, it was the little known players who stepped up and took down the big boys.  Wootang1997, the eventual finalist in the live tournament, was able to defeat NickatNyte and Wago (me!) with a creative Giant/Mortar deck.  Wootang1997 was especially popular during the tournament for not only his play, but also for his girlfriend hanging out in the stream back who caught the attention of many viewers!

However, Wootang would eventually go down in defeat against the tournament winner Backstabx.  Backstabx played a variation of the popular Miner/Minions/Elixir Pump deck, with Ice Wizard, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Cannon slowing down Wootang’s Giant and Hog Rider attacks.  NickatNyte would end up taking home third place after defeating Celia (aka Mrs. Wago) 2 games to 0; the behind-the-scenes match was recorded exclusivity by us here at MoEsport (with apologies for the poor quality!):

For the online tournament, it was Justin!2$ defeating Naruto_Uzumaki.  The match-up was a back-and-forth affair between Justin’s Hog/Zap and Naruto’s Royal Giant/Pump deck.  In the end, Justin’s great defense against Royal Giant, combined with smart incremental damage with his Hog/Zap helped him pull through in the final game of the best-of-5.  Justin!2$ would also go on to defeat Backstabx in the eventual online v.s. offline champions match 4 games to 2.

Missed watching the action on Twitch?  You can catch the matched on MonsterDFace’s VOD here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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