Entire decklist from the Dreamhack Hearthstone Grand Prix

The Dreamhack Hearthstone Grand Prix took place this past weekend, with DIma “Rdu” Radu from G2 Esports becoming the first player to win two DreamHacks.  Rdu came out of top by defeating former Hearthlytics player Fr0zen in the finals.

Nydra from Gosugamers once again did an excellent job of compiling the decklist from all of the Top 16 players, which you can check out here.  To little surprise, all of the Top 8 players and 15 of the top 16 players ran Shaman decks, with the majority of them being Aggro Shaman.  Is Flamewreathed Faceless the most flawed and unbalanced card in Hearthstone right now?  And when will Blizzard announce its next balance change?  Given how long it took for them to finally address the Druid cards in the last balance change, it’s more than likely that we can expect to see Shaman decks dominate the tournament scene for a long time to come.

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