6 Predictions for what to expect with Clash Royale’s tournament mode

Clash Royale’s official Twitter account surprised everyone this morning by sharing a sneak peek of an updated menu bar with a brand new Tournament button!  It’s no secret that the Clash Royale team is now trying to promote the game as an competitive eSport (something that MoEsport is 100% behind!), and competitive players have long been expecting an easier way to organize and compete in tournaments in-game.  So now that we’ve seen the button, what exactly can we actually expect with this Tournament feature?  Here are our best guesses on what’s to come:

tournament mode long

1) TV Royale to include or replaced by Tournament highlights

The first thing we noticed was that the Tournament menu button is located at where the current TV Royale button sits.  Players have been whining about TV Royale’s decline in quality matched since the feature was updated, but does this spell the end of TV Royale altogether?  Our guess is that a new TV Royale will be accessible within the Tournament mode, and players will be able to watch highlights from Tournament play.  Personally I still find ladder replays entertaining to watch, and since not all players (especially lower level players) will compete in tournaments, I hope the current ladder replays will remain as well.

2) Starting a Tournament will cost Gold, and will be a lot like how you create a clan

Not a big fan of spending Gold?  Too bad!  It’s more than likely that you will need to spend some Gold if you want to organize a Tournament in-game.  To be fair, this is more of a way to prevent everyone from starting tournaments everyone hour and not seeing it through then it is a way for Supercell to get your to spend more money.

3) Tournament organizers can cap entrants by tower or trophy levels

The tournament caps are in place, but that doesn’t mean that all players have reached those caps.  To encourage lower level players to participate in tournament play, it is likely that tournament organizers will be able to set caps based on a player’s trophy or tower levels.  A trophy level cap is the most likely given that this is already in place for clans, but I think a tower level cap is also essential, as we have seen many high level players purposely drop trophies in order to “troll” players in lower Arenas.  I personally hope that the Clash Royale team has taken this into consideration.

4) Push notifications for matches

One of the most painful things for tournament organizers is that many players don’t show up for matches, or delay their game because they can’t remember who they are playing.  To get the tournaments moving along, it is likely that tournament participants will receive a push notification on their phone or tablet when it is time for their next match.

5) Chat for tournament participants

Just like tournaments hosted within clans, we can definitely expect to have a separate in-game chat group for tournament participants where players can talk and start matches with each other.  Our guess is that the chat will disappear once the tournament is over.

6) In-game brackets and seeding

No more creating brackets using third party tools!  If there’s a tournament feature in-game, it only makes sense that the feature will be able to generate brackets for its participants, and seed them based on their trophy levels.

One thing that we are not predicting, but would very much like to have in the tournament feature is for deck previews to be disabled within tournaments.  Deck previewing is one of the biggest problems with the game right now, as it allows the player who accepts the match (the 2nd player) an unfair advantage in seeing their opponent’s deck before the match.  Perhaps it is possible to have a feature where players must submit their decks before the match-ups are set; nonetheless, this is an issue that needs to be addressed before the game’s competitive play can be taken seriously.


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  2. DanyV 1

    I like your predictions, but I do not agree with all. Besides you’re not “predicting” this, this tournament thing what exactly will be, it’ll be a “in clan tournament”, where the winner will be a single player; o it’ll be more like a “clan wars tournament”, where the winner will be a clan. Well waitin for the upadate. Cheers. (Sorry by my english)

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Well we don’t know any of the details for sure until the CR team releases the information officially, so these really are our predictions 🙂

  3. ILAY

    please do CW!

  4. UD

    Its gonna be the same as COC 😀

  5. Cannon

    I agree with you, and I also think that their may be a reward of gold(maybe) for the victor of the tourney.

  6. Roy

    I think it will be something awesome 😀

  7. Cora

    I really hope you can bet gems with your clan mates like 5 gem as the prize to participante and the winner get all the gem

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      That would be cool! But then it’ll essentially make CR into a gambling game lol

  8. Justin

    Yeay i cannot wait for it. I think it will be good.

  9. Chaotic

    I would think easyest is implement Tournament “clans” when enter T your decks cant be altered. Then have a gold entry fee that add to the winning prize. BUT this is so easy to exploit, im a pro “cheater” and cut any corner i can and already have many ideas on how to exploit the shit out of this. That said they should add a T in each arena every week. Sure ppl can drop trophys to join a smaller but option is use Tower lvl but them that random play and not spent money have lvl on towers but not cards, thus its only help them who paid their way up. So what to do? no fucking clue all players are bastids and will find a way. Basicly will be a weakly tournament swiss style. ie highest vs lowest and so on.

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