Clash Royale Tournament Week starting July 4th!

Looks like we now know when Clash Royale’s new tournament mode will be coming live!  The Clash Royale team just announced on their website that starting July 4th, there will be up to 5 tournaments in which players can participate in each day.  Each tournament will be hosted by a streamer/Youtuber, and players will need to tune into the stream to join the tournament.

The timing of the announcement is interesting in that we still don’t fully know what to expect from the new Tournament mode yet!  From the various sources of information that has been released up to now, we believe that tournaments will be a “king of the hill” format in which players compete to see who have the highest trophy count within the duration of the tournament.  This may be a disappointment for players who are used to single-elimination brackets or round-robin play, but it’s not ruled out that this would be supported in the future as well. Other tournament facts known at this time:

  • Tournaments will cost Gems to create (we originally predicted it would cost gold), but free to participate in
  • Top 50% of tournament participants will receive “Tournament Chests”, which will not take up your regular chest slots, but also has a countdown clock before it can be opened.
  • Players can not participate in more than one tournament at a time, and can not participate in a tournament until their Tournament Chest has been opened
  • Tournaments vary in prize pool, depending on how many gems are injected into the tournament by the organizer.  The biggest possible Tournament Chest (1st place in most expensive tournament) can net the winner 15,000 cards(!)
Clash Royale Tournament Chest

Mock-up of Tournament feature by YouTuber Orange Juice

A full calendar of the announced tournaments can be found below (and now updated!).  Be sure to check back often this week as we will be providing the latest updates on the the new Tournament mode as information becomes available!


Monday July 4th

1pm EST // 19:00 CEST: Galadon
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Phonecats
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: Orange Juice
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: TheRumHam

Tuesday July 5th

8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Bootramp
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Orange Juice
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Thatsadmirable
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: WizRa
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: Godsonftw

Wednesday July 6th

8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Clashqueenamanda
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: MonsterDFace
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Galadon
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: ClashwithAsh
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: Abrownbag

Thursday July 7th

8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Reversal
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Cruecial
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Nickatnyte
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: Hyphonix
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: BenTimm1

Friday July 8th

8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Ash
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Koopatroopa787
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Phonecats
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: Beaker
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: ClashOnGan

Saturday July 9th

8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Supyonamesjosh
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: TheGameHuntah
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: SuperMagicalCup
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: StarSuperKai
All day: Reddit MEGA Tournament Qualifier

Sunday July 10th

12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Streamer All-Star Tournament
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Reddit MEGA Top 64 Finals

Other language streams:

Monday July 4th

2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: byViruZz (Spanish)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Vosketal (French)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: DonJon (German)
8pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Nery (Brazilian Portuguese)

Tuesday July 5th

2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Alvaro845 (Spanish)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Vosketal (French)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Stratera (Turkish)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Royal Helsinki Cup (Finnish)
8pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Gordinho (Brazilian Portuguese)

Wednesday July 6th

2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: EclypsiaTV (French)
8pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Gelliclash (Brazilian Portuguese)

Thursday July 7th

2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Trymacs (German)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: BFA (French)
8pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Brunoclash (Brazilian Portuguese)

Friday July 8th

2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Lichtle (German)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Stratera (Turkish)

Saturday July 9th

2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Royal Helsinki Cup (Finnish)
4pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Brunoph (Brazilian Portuguese)
All day: Reddit MEGA Tournament Qualifier (Spanish)
All day: Reddit MEGA Tournament Qualifier (Italian)
All day: Reddit MEGA Tournament Qualifier (French)




  1. ASIER

    Os apoyo wn eato lo aceis muy bien

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  3. Blockywarrior48

    Can we make our own tournaments during this period?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Yes but it will cost you Gems

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  6. Zank

    What if i come like 50th in a 100 player tourney and dont wanna open a tournament chest coz it would take like a day to open and rather wanna join another tournament to improve my rank and chance of getting a better chest??? Cant i cancel my previous tourney reward?? Coz it says these tournaments are gnna last fr 2-3 hours and i dont think the chest i win will open in time for me to compete in another tourney after 3 hours.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Nope, don’t think that will be possible. You’ll need to pick and choose which one you want to go to, unless you lose and quit!

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