New Arena, new cards, and more coming to the next Clash Royale update!

We already know that the next Clash Royale update is going to be big with the new Tournament feature, but recent sneak peaks and “accidental” leaks have now revealed that we can be expecting much more!

Clash Royale’s social media officially revealed today that a new Arena called Frozen Peak will be unlocked at 2300 trophies.  Youtubers such as Molt and Clash with Ash (who had early access to the developer’s build) subsequently shared videos of how this new Arena will look like.  However, their videos had accidentally leaked some new information that has yet to be officially revealed:

1) Four New Cards!

Oops! Clash with Ash showed a little too much in his preview video (now edited)

Oops! Clash with Ash showed a little too much in his preview video (now edited)

Observant fans were quickly able to spot something different with the Card Collection screen in Clash with Ash’s preview video (which has now been re-edited): there are now 58 cards!  Simple math would tell you that this means 4 new cards should be introduced with the update next week.  Given the Ice theme of the Frozen Peak, our guess is that at least 2 new ice-themed cards will be introduced, with Freeze and Ice Wizard also moving to this new Arena.  It is also likely that a new Legendary card will replace Ice Wizard’s vacant spot in Spell Valley.

UPDATE: Two cards have just been revealed!  Check them out in our latest breakdown of the Ice Spirit and Bowler.

Also worth noting is that you can now sort cards by Arena.  Not exactly the most useful tool though – I have to go back to the game’s home screen just to see which cards belong to which Arena!

2) New Achievements?  Or something else?

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.15.19 AM

Longtime players of the game have been clamouring for new Achievements in the game; will they finally be getting their wish with the new update?  In the new home screen, the Accomplishments button is now replaced with a Star; the number “9” indicates 9 new items, which we suspect means that there are 9 new achievements to complete.  However, the Clash Royale team did specifically say that they were NOT working on new achievements, so maybe the “9” just indicates 9 stars from the original achievement list that Molt’s test build have yet to complete.  Or perhaps this is a completely different menu, since the Star logo is different from that of the current Achievements one?

Also worth noting is that the TV Royale icon is now where the current Training Match icon is.  Does this mean training matches have now been completely removed from the game?  Or will they be accessible somewhere else on the menu/sub-menus?

3) New Chest Valuesfrozen peaks chest

With a new Arena comes new Chest values, as the cost and cards/gold collected from chests increase with each Arena.  Yarn from Orange Juice revealed on Reddit earlier today what these new values will look like (see above).  It is also revealed that Free Chests opened in the new Arena is guaranteed to produce at least 1 rare card.


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