Breakdown of Ice Spirit & Bowler, the two latest cards in Clash Royale

Two of the four new cards that are to be released with the big update on July 4th were revealed today: they are the Ice Spirit and Bowler.

Ice SpiritScreen Shot 2016-07-02 at 10.41.56 AM

So that “Ice Bird” that we thought we saw yesterday is actually the Ice Spirit!  We are telling you right now that this card is going to be played by almost everyone, and make Freeze absolutely obsolete.

As our Card Power Rankings have shown (this week’s is coming up!), low-elixir cost cards are the most popular as they allow players to cycle through their cards fast and build up an Elixir advantage with smart play.  Ice Spirit costs only 1-Elixir(!), and is able to Freeze everything within a 2.5 radius for 2 seconds.  Like Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit is not aimed like a spell, and attacks/freezes the first thing that it touches.  Also, there is only one Ice Spirit, as opposed to 3 Fire Spirits.

Ice Spirit will combo up very well on defense with area attack and/or swarm troops such as Valkyrie, Barbarians and Minion Horde.  Instead of trading hits, for one extra Elixir, you can basically have your troops and tower unscathed on defense and unreleash a nasty counterattack.  While Ice Spirit’s duration is less than that of Freeze (and does not increase with each level-up), it also does area damage to both air and ground trooops.

Ice Spirit drop kick!

Ice Spirit drop kick!

Instead of replacing the ever-popular Zap, I believe Ice Spirit will actually be a great compliment to Zap in many decks.  Ice Spirit or Zap alone has trouble taking out small troops such as Minions/Minion Hordes; with both combined, you should have no problem dealing with that annoying Minion Horde/Miner combo.  Also, when played back-to-back, you will essentially be getting a 3-second stop, enough time for wiping out most troops or doing significant damage on your opponent’s Crown Tower.  Get ready to be seeing a lot of Ice Spirits once the update drops in 2 days – I know I’ll be playing it!

BowlerScreen Shot 2016-07-02 at 10.42.06 AM

The 6-Elixir Bowler will be the unlockable Epic card for the new Frozen Peak.  As its name suggests, the Bowler is a ranged attacker that rolls out boulders of rocks that deal damage to anything in its linear path.  Ground troops “bowled over” by Bowler’s attack will be knocked back in the same manner as Fireball.

The Bowler has decent amount hit points, and will be a great counter against hut spams and Witches.  However, his attacks and movement are slow, and does less damage per second then comparable (and cheaper) area damage troops such as Valkyrie and Dark Prince.  Also, Bowler can only attack ground troops, so it’s completely useless against the periodically-seen Balloon/Lava Hound decks. The knockback effect is interesting and can lead to some pushes, but there are just so many options at 6-Elixir (*cough* Royal Giant) that I can’t imagine Bowler being played in most decks.  I could be wrong, but I expect the Clash Royale team to give Bowler a ridiculous buff in a future balance change just to make him more playable.

The Bowler's boulder will roll through the Giant and hit the Witch as well

The Bowler’s boulder will roll through the Giant and hit the Witch as well

UPDATE: Two new Legendaries – The Log and The Lumberjack – have also been revealed!  Read more about them here.



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  3. NuclearAnomal

    Why would the description of the bowler mention dark elixir? Given dark elixir isn’t implemented into the game yet. Also it’s kind of strange they just copy and pasted the description of the bowler in Clash of Clans to the description of bowler in Clash Royale.


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