Clash Royale’s Tournament Mode makes a splash on Day 1

The highly anticipated Tournament mode for Clash Royale was finally released today, and has thus far taken the Clash Royale community by storm!  Tournaments of all sizes are being organized non-stop, with almost every tournament filling up with participants within just a matter of seconds.

The highlight of the tournament feature launch is of course Clash Royale Tournament Week.  The Tournament Week officially kicked off this morning (PST) with Galadon’s stream on Mobcrush.  Not to disappoint this followers, Galadon raised the tournament participant limit from the originally planned 800 players (costing 100,000 Gems) to the maximum 1000 players (costing 250,000 Gems!!).  Unsurprisingly, it literally took a second before the list of 1000 players were populated (trust me, I tried).

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 12.31.46 PMWhile a number of single-elimination tournaments have been held by various individuals/organizations, this is perhaps
the first time since the Helsinki tournament where we are able to witness a large number of players – from free-to-play players to maxed level players – compete against each other under the tournament caps.  While a number of F2P players performed considerably well, it was max level player TMD Aaron from HKEsports who came out on top in the tournament.  Having been somewhat infamous for being accused of win trading on ladder, TMD Aaron was able to prove that it was his superior play that allowed him to move up the ladder, and win the 1000 player tournament.  Interestingly, TMD Aaron did point out in his live Twitch stream that the competition level in the tournament was actually tougher than that of his ladder climb, to the point where his hands were shaking from playing!  In total, Galadon’s stream attracted nearly 500,000 views on Mobcrush – the highest total number of viewers on Mobcrush for a single stream ever!

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 3.10.14 PMFollowing Galadon’s tournament, Phonecats was up next with a 600 player tournament, which also filled up within a millisecond from the moment Phonecats announced the tournament password.  Once again, the two hour tournament featured high level competition pitting many top players against one another.  In the end, it was Serpid from Elite Espana who finished first with a comfortable margin.  Previous to the win, Serpid has been known to be a top player in the Clash Royale tournament scene, and has consistently been one of highest trophy players of his tower level (currently 11).  The Tournament stream reached a peak of 11,000 concurrent viewers on Phonecat’s Twitch channel.

The above is but two of the 40+ tournaments that are scheduled for this Tournament week.  It will be interesting to see whether the momentum and activity with tournament play will continue throughout the week, and whether we will begin seeing more familiar names on top of the major tournament leaderboards.tourney 1st

While I have been unable to enter the big tournaments (sigh), I had the opportunity to participate in some small ones and
had a great experience there.  Be sure to check back later this week as we will look to put together a strategy guide on how you can perform better in tournaments!


  1. Leviathan

    Good day! I would really appreciate it if you guys would actually post some decks when you talk about tournaments, this has been irritating me for quiete some time. Nobody cares if some random dude won a tournament, we wan’t to see how he did it. In this case you atleast linked his twitch channel so we can watch it back.

    I have seen multiple posts like this in the past and it has 0 info that intrests me or helps me become a better player or figure out a new great deck like jason in the past. I would be suprised if I was the only one feeling this week.

    These same comments can be made on the weekly power ranking btw. instead of saying that allot of top players are using miner actually post the most used tier 1 decks maby?

    Other than that I love this site, i check it every day so keep up the good work!

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Thanks Leviathan! And we are working on more content and features for players to improve, keep your eyes open for it soon!


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