How to climb the ladder in Vainglory (Part 1)

Finally after a very long time, I have returned to making Vainglory Guides! Too much to explain about what happened so lets jump right into the guide!

How to climb the ladder
You must think it takes mechanical skill to climb. Right? You have to outplay anyone you meet all the time to prove yourself worth of PoA+. Wrong. Believe it or not you can climb using very good decision making rather than insane mechanics. Here’s what makes a good high ELO player, you can transfer this advice to any MOBA.

Decision making
Now I’ve talking about this in the past many many times: solely by making high level decisions will help you climb you out of your division. Your mechanics can be the best, but if you do not think about your next move you will be stuck in “ELO Hell”. Now you do need mechanics to some degree, which comes with practice. You will see lower level players mess up all the time, especially in my time of coaching. People do not realize their mistakes while in the game. They think, “Hey I’m doing well!” So lets say your ahead and it looks like a early surrender. You starting thinking that you can mess around and get away with some deaths here, maybe give up a turret. Then you lose. After that you then come onto here and complain about how your teammates sucks and ELO Hell exists. Make smart choices, when you have a lead shove it down your enemies throat and move onto the next game.

Now I just said that you do not need much of any mechanics to climb the ladder. While this is true (look at Trick2g, a High ELO league player), it does help having some sweet sweet mechanics. So let me help you with that. Queue up for a normal game, select your favorite champion in a carry role. Ringo is the easiest to do this on so you can get a hang of it as he has very fluid movements and auto attacks. First thing we can cover is Kiting with ranged champions. Kiting is very useful to deal damage and keep yourself alive. Take a friend of yours and have him chase you with someone like lets see Glaive, you can experiment with attack speeds with different items if you want. While your friend is chasing you tap on him.  When you see that you have damaged him tap behind you and let your character, walk back about 2-3 steps to gain some distance and tap on him again. Rinse and repeat. You now have the basic knowledge of kiting. Start with the basics and work yourself up. Now lets talk about some parts of Kiting.

Animation Canceling
This goes hand in hand with mechanics and Stutter stepping. Animation cancelling is when you tap on a enemy and let the damage go through and cancel the useless part of the animation. Essentially when you do this you increase your damage output while training yourself how to move around while dealing damage. Practice this in your normal games and on your friends, practice makes perfect.

Stutter Stepping
This is different from Kiting in a few ways. Instead of running away from your target your going to strafe from side to side and run towards your target. Many people mess this up because they forget that the enemy has skill shots, so they stutter step in a straight path neglecting the fact that they are still vulnerable and end up dying. During laning phase lets say again your playing Ringo against Celeste. While she’s trying to hit a minion, hit her with your A ability, then strafe to the right while going up staying in range of auto attacks to apply maximum damage to her. Now that’s a scenario in a perfect world, but is an example none the less. Basically you are chasing an enemy or moving around in a team fight while animation cancelling, dealing maximum damage, avoiding skill shots; and when things get too messy you can then kite away from enemy champions and hope to clean up the fight for your team. There are many videos on this subject, but you can only practice to better yourself.

Avoiding Skill Shots
Now chances are you queue up for a game and don’t really care to look at what the enemy heroes are. This is your first mistake because you do not take into account what can kill you and what you can manage to work around. The enemy team has Catherine, Celeste, and Glaive, while your team has Ringo, Phinn, Kestrel. Lets look at what you have to avoid. Catherine has a AoE silence and stun. Celeste also has a stun. Glaive has a knock back ability which you should avoid. For instance let the team fight start and stay behind your Phinn. Let the Catherine and Glaive waste their abilities before joining the fight, so you have a few seconds of peace knowing that those abilities are on cool down; this will allow you to play a bit more aggressive, and they will have no way of getting to you.  But lets say you do not do that and jump into the fight as soon as it starts: look at where the enemy champions are, and predict where they will use their abilities. Is Catherine on your tail the whole game? Then chances are that she will focus you down in a fight, so have a reflex block ready or walk back when she uses her stun. Glaive will knock back anyone he can during a fight so be cautious of the big gap closer he has. Celeste has a very nice ultimate ability which you should avoid, either stay behind your Phinn or a bit to the side to avoid heavy damage. Take into account what can kill you and either wait out those abilities or predict where they will use them.

That’s all for this guide as I’m out of time. I will be releasing part 2 of this guide. I hope it helps and leave me some constructive feedback. Thank you again!


  1. Michael West

    So glad that your back and making guides love them and hopefully you can reach out to me so i can pick your brain a little bit more Seiketsuna#8720 is my discord would appreciate it and thanks for the sick guides.

    1. UniqueToxin

      Hey Michael! Thank you so much for reading the guide and I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoy them! You can go ahead and add EuroToxin on discord and we can chat on there! More guides to come so stick around, and as always Happy Solo Queuing! 😀


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