The MoEsport Clash Royale Card Database is live!

The MoEsport team has been working hard over the past month to put together the most comprehensive database for Clash Royale cards – and now it’s finally here!

Our Clash Royale Card Database has the most up-to-date statistics of all 58 cards, including strengths/weaknesses/recommendations for each card, and a Level bar to allow you to browse the card stats for each level with ease.  We have also implemented a card comparison feature that allows you to to view the stats of two cards side-by-side.  Want to see how a Level 7 Fireball compares to a Level 3 poison?  Or want to see whether your Level 10 Zap can take down Level 9 Minions?   Just click on the compare button, choose the cards and the levels, and you can compare the card stats without having to jump around screens!

As this was a lot of data entry there are bound to be some mistakes, so if you spot anything that looks off please let us know.  You will also notice that we have allocated room to for Recommended Decks, Combination Cards, and Counter Cards; we will be adding in this information over time, so be sure to check back often!  And if you would like to contribute to helping us populate this database, please contact us!

We have also added a comments section for each card, so be sure to share your thoughts and advice for your favorite cards with the community!

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  1. Cory

    This is great. Definetely will be using this in the future.


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