5 Tips for success in Clash Royale tournament play

The Clash Royale tournament mode has taken the game by storm, and players (including myself have now spent countless hours each day playing in tournaments!  Despite the card rewards being very enticing (especially for the big tournaments), many regular players have been struggling with tournaments, whether it is not being able to win or let alone enter a tournament!  MoEsport will be sharing more strategies and tips for tournament play in the coming weeks, but for the time being, here are a few tips to get you started:

Keep refreshing to get into tournament!


Don’t get discouraged by this screen – just keep trying!

Many players have expressed frustration over not being able to get into tournaments.  The key to get into tournaments?  Keep refreshing the tournament page with the search button!  There are literally new 100 player tournaments popping up every few seconds, so just keep refreshing that page and immediately press join if you see a tournament that is not full.  Hesitate for a few seconds, and all the spots will be gone.

Also keep an eye on our Twitter page and those of top streamers (Ash, NickatNyte, Galadon, Gan, just to name a few) for announcements on private tournaments outside of the ones scheduled for the Tournament Week.

Aim for 1-2 hour tournaments

If you got yourself into a tournament that’s 1 day or more, it’s probably not worth using up your tournament quota to play in it (unless you simply don’t have that much time to play), as the prizes are exactly the same as the ones in 1-2 hour tournaments.  It’ll take much longer to find matches in tournaments with longer durations, and it’ll be a steep hill to climb to the top if you lose a few matches.  And sometimes it’s even worth joining a tournament while it’s already in progress: I joined the abrownbag tournament with 30 minutes remaining and managed to get #123 out of 800!

Know the tournament cap stats

To succeed in tournaments, you will need to know the tournament meta.  We will be covering top tournament decks in future articles, but for starters make sure you get familiarized with the card stats at tournament cap levels (Common: 9, Rare: 7, Epic: 4, Legendary: 1).  Our brand new Cards Database is a great resource for you to study and compare the stats of all 58 cards.  Still don’t know how much damage Level 9 Fire Spirits does against your Level 9 Barbarians?  Or how many chops it takes your Level 7 Mini P.E.K.K.A. to take down your opponent’s Miner?  Get studying!

Don’t overcommit on defense

There are countless ways to improve your actual gameplay, but one thing I have consistently seen from my weaker opponents is their tendency to overcommit on defense.  The best players in the game are very aware of the Elixir count, and will look to build up an Elixir advantage over the course of the match before unleashing an attack to finish off your Crown Tower.


One minute left, 35 trophy lead… yeah I’m not gonna battle anymore

For example, if your opponent sends in a Hog Rider and you counter with both Cannon and Ice Wizard, you have just spent 6 Elixir to defend against 4.  Even if your Cannon was poorly deployed and the Hog Rider gets off 1-2 hits on your Tower, it’s probably worth building up your Elixir advantage rather than giving it up.  Low cost troops such as Skeletons/Goblins/Fire Spirits are great for Elixir trading if deployed properly; just make sure you have your next defense card ready to play in case your opponent Zaps them to death!

Scout the leaderboards

If you start making your way up on the leaderboards, take your time and scout who your competition are, and how many trophies they have on you.  If you want to avoid matching up with top players, then just wait until they get into another match before you start yours!  The worse thing that can happen to you in a tournament is losing – many players who started well in tournaments end up 50 spots lower in the end because they end up losing their final 1-2 matches.  If you’re sitting in a comfortable spot and feel like you’ve earn enough cards, then just stop playing.  Players below you may keep gaining trophies and move pass you, but likewise players above you may lose trophies and drop in their rankings.  The competition is stiff up top, especially in tournaments with 300+ players; if you don’t think you can beat the big boys, then just stay put and be happy with some free cards!

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