Why you are losing the majority of your Vainglory games

Back Story:

I have a friend, lets just call him Mark. Now, Mark has this weird problem when he plays Vainglory. He has a lot of potential to be a good player, but is stuck at low tiers. Mark constantly tells me how unfair the matchmaking system is and how trash his teammates always are. Now I have to sit through this speech everyday and shake my head in disappointment. So I ask Mark, “Hey can you send me a replay of your game?” He says, “Sure why not!?” He plays a few games, performs well for the most part, but I noticed a big pattern with his games and why he loses so much. Out of the 3 replays he sent me, he won…. none of them. Again he explains to me how trash his team was and how heavy they were to carry. Was it his team? Nope. The reason he lost all 3 of those games was not because his teammates were bad. He just tilted too hard. Any little thing would tilt this guy. Enemy laner is 1 hp? He gets salty that he didn’t kill his opponent, then overextends with no escapes left in him, low health, and dies trying to dive the enemy laner under tower while he gets ganked.

In the beginning of every game he would do all the right things, scout trap his bush, carry a flare on him to see if he can engage the enemy laner safely, nearly perfect CS. But as the game progressed I noticed that he started to play worse. He would miss a kill and then die; now he is a bit mad so he tries even harder to kill the enemy laner resulting in… you guessed it – him dying once more to a gank that was preventable. Then he spam pings the jungler with question marks and proceeds to make really really dumb decisions that only new players make. I had to stop myself from watching the replays. Yes, it was getting that bad. Is he a bad player mechanically wise? No, I think he is a pretty good Ringo when he does not get mad. But, tilt is a very powerful thing that can lead you to lose many games. Now lets get into what it means to tilt.


This word gets thrown around a lot in my opinion that it sort of loses its value and meaning. Tilt or tilting means that you have hit a point where you are frustrated, angry, confused, or even maybe a little sad at the situation you put yourself in. Now notice how I said, “at the situation you put yourself in.”, and not the situation you are placed in. Tilt is a very powerful word that can decide whether you lose or win the game you are currently playing or your future games that will be playing. I’m willing to bet most of the games you lost are a result to tilt which effected your decision making and gameplay so you lost that game and the games after that, the cycle never ends. You can control your tilt, you can control your emotions for a video game. Tilting is you hitting your breaking point and letting your emotions get the best of you which in turn will make you place worse. You place yourself in this situation where your expectation is, “Oh, my team is always bad. They always feed and I try so hard to carry and blah blah blah”, so even before you tap to load the game you already created this atmosphere that you are expecting the worse. You worry about a situation that is not even there at the moment. See where I’m going with this? Your tilt and the way you play is controlled by you. It is fine to get mad, frustrated, angry, or any emotion you want but when it effects your performance, its time to take a break.

Controlling your Emotions

This will come in handy pretty much anywhere in life. If you want to become successful at anything you must first learn to control your emotions. Whether its building a business or trying to climb up in the ranks of Vainglory, your emotions will effect how you perform. If your finding yourself on tilt, finish your game whether it is a win or a loss. Put your device down and do something you enjoy or something relaxing for a few minutes or maybe even hours, or the whole day if you want. We get so caught up in progressing with the game and getting in every game we can to improve that we forget to take care of ourselves. Take a shower, read a book, go outside for some fresh air, go for a run, hang out with friends, watch TV, watch a movie, eat some ice cream, and drink your solo queue problems away! Ok, maybe not the last one. You can only perform so well if you do not take care of yourself. A healthier body leads to faster reaction times, improved brain function, increased energy, and most importantly a healthy lifestyle. Return to the game when you feel better and have a more positive attitude, trust me you’ll thank me and your teammates will thank you for doing it. Now, lets get to how to deal with tilt during a game.


You’re going to be ok. It’s just a death that I probably deserved. Power through it and keep focused on the end goal: to shatter that Vain. “You’re going to make it, I believe it and so do your teammates”; these are the type of things you want to tell yourself during the game. Constantly talking to yourself during the game will always keep you on your toes and help you question what you are doing and why. Forget about your teammates for a second, stop pointing fingers and see what you can do for your team. Remember that you are playing with real people so treat them like so. No one wants to go into a game and feed (well maybe some), so don’t bash them if they’re having a bad game because chances are they are beating themselves up already. They have 3 enemies why have one more, right? Instead look at your team and what you guys need at the moment, see what team composition you guys are running, what are your strengths against the other team? To avoid tilt for the most part I would suggest a party, even if its a duo you now have a higher chance winning your games because you can communicate with someone on your team and thus increases your chances of winning the match. Now, this is a double edged sword when it comes to parties. I explained it on a different post which I will try to link, but I will give you a sort overview of it. Having a party is great and all but, if your friends are just as blind and ignorant as you are chances are you will still lose a lot of your games. Instead of helping you, your friends will tear you down and stop you from progressing as a player because you do not acknowledge each others mistakes. Its always, “Man, this random is so bad. OMG! Im lagging!”. So it can be really good or really bad.

Review yourself

So, if someone were to ask you for a replay of one of your games can you say without a shadow of a doubt that “It was my teammates, not me.”? I would bet that most of the time that is not the case. See when people are called out on this topic they get very defensive. Why? Because they know that is not the case, they know that they could have played better. Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf, the more and more you say that your teammates are bad, the less people are likely to believe you until it gets to a point where no one cares about what your excuse is. Blaming teammates is the easy part, which is why most people are stuck in low tiers because its easy. Telling yourself that you are not all that, admitting that you need to improve, and looking back at yourself is the hardest part. Essentially what you’re doing is humbling yourself; you admit that your not that great, you’re not all that, maybe it was your fault you lost that game, and maybe you are toxic – which is leading you to lose a lot more games than win. There is always room to improve, so never think that you are done improving. Start from the bottom, start with the basics again, humble yourself and start over. You can do it.


Now many people may disagree with me. They will come to me with screenshots and the same excuses everytime. Trust me, the MOBA community has heard every cliche excuse you have, save your breath. If you disagree that is completely fine, I want you to form your own opinion. Others may side with me which also is fine! There is only so many times you can blame your teammates. One of these days you will have to step up and realize that it could be you. God forbid right? Anyways, if you made it this far I thank you for reading all the way through and if you skimmed over it just take this from this post. You are the master of your future, do not fall into the lie of a fixed system and that you cannot control your fate in a video game. That is just absurd. Thank you for all the support and feedback I have been getting recently! Happy Solo Queuing!


  1. faraji

    Is it my fault if I go 21-2 wp jungle BF and we lose or? I have a screenshot too

    1. Yraelp


  2. n/a

    trash article.. mm is broken, get bent author..

  3. O.O

    Yes I’ve seen plenty of players like this. But nobody can deny that as you reach higher tiers (usually starts at 5-6), the game expects you to become some kind of carry for team mates who act like they’ve never touched a screen.

    1. thunderare

      Agreed, I always stuck at tier 5, then suddenly No matter what role I played, mostly I captain and full support the team, then I get a teammate that played like they are new to the game, Right now I am on a losing roll…always one teammate like that…other one is ok…

  4. Andrew

    Author has some sort of mental disability. The majority of games I lose are because my teammates are bad. No, it is never my fault. I always go K/D positive and attack all objectives, focusing on vision and position. On the other hand, my teammates either feed or are trash. The author is only capturing a miniscule percentage of players, and if he disagrees with this, it can be concluded that he is an unintellectual subhuman. Good day.


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