Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (July 8th)

Tournament play has certainly taken a little bit of attention from ladder play (to say the least!), but we are still keeping track of the top cards used by the game’s top ranked players!  Moving forward, we will look to cover the top cards in tournament play as well – so stay tuned!

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (July 8th)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Zap  zap 2 Zap finally takes the top spot this week!  With it’s added effect of resetting Inferno Towers and pausing Elixir Collectors, Zap has become an indispensable card for almost every deck.
2 Elixir Collector elixir_collector 1 The Pump suffered from a slight nerf, but is still as popular as ever.  However, pump users now have to watch out for….
3 Poison  PoisonCard 5 … Poison!  Poison has now become the best counter for Elixir Collectors, as it now also slows down the speed of the Elixir Collector while wearing down its health.
4 (tied) Princess  PrincessCard 3 (tied) Now that Arrows are no longer very popular, Princess is perhaps an even bigger menace than before.
4 (tied) Skeletons skeletons 10 Now this is a surprise!  Despite losing one Skeleton, players are still finding ways to make the most out of the 1-elixir card.  Interestingly, no Top 30 players have attempted to use the other 1-Elixir card: Ice Spirit.
6 Cannon  cannon 6 (tied) Amazingly, there were no Tesla or Tombstone users in the Top 30 this week!  Cannon is still by far the most preferred defensive building amongst top players.
7 (tied) Hog Rider  boar NEW The Hog makes a return this week with most top players reverting to the “trifecta” deck, meaning…
7 (tied) Musketeer  MusketeerCard NEW … we are seeing a lot more Musketeers….
9 (tied) Valkyrie  valkyrie-1 NEW …. and Valkyries.
9 (tied) Mini P.E.K.K.A  mini_PEKKA 3 (tied) A dip in usage for Mini P.E.K.K.A. this week, but we’ll likely be seeing him (or her) stick around the Power Rankings for some time to come.


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