Trading and more interactions with PokeStops in the plans for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has officially taken the mobile world by storm this past week, and while calling the game an “esport” would be a stretch by any means at this point, it’s social and competitive features may very well lead to Pokemon Go live events and tournaments in the foreseeable future.  Let us know in our comments below or on our social media if you would like to see more Pokemon Go content on MoEsport!

There is no shortage of coverage for the hottest game on the planet right now: searching “Pokemon Go” on Google News will produce results for thousands for articles just in the past few days, ranging from tips and tricks to deconstructs on why the game is a big success.  Search Pokemon Go on Reddit, Twitter or Facebook and you’ll find videos and in-game screenshots taken by the millions who now play this game.

As the game is still technically in a soft launch phase (it is officially only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand), we believe that the current iteration of the game only scratches the surface of what we can expect with Pokemon Go moving forward.  John Hanke, the founder of Niantic Labs (the developers of the game), comes from a background of MMO games, and is treating Pokemon Go as such.  In his interview with Game Informer, Hanke noted that as a MMO game, Niantic Labs intends to push out new clients and server iterations on a bi-weekly basis.

Speaking in further detail about what can be expected with updates, Hanke revealed that the team is committed to adding trading into the game in the near future. Hanke would also like to add more depth to PokeStops and Gyms, and have a list of ideas that may be implemented in future update.  As an example for this, Hanke mentions having additional things like the Lure that modifies the Pokestop by causing it to attract more Pokemon.  Likely through the use of new items or actions, Hanke suggests that players will be able to shape and add functionality of Pokestops and Gyms by working collaboratively together.

Hanke believes the game is just in its early stages, with the experience revolving around discovering and capturing.  Moving forward, Hanke would like to further evolve the game’s competitive and cooperative team-play, and there’s a lot more that the Niantic Labs team would like to do with that.  With more competitive features, perhaps it isn’t too far of a stretch then to anticipate Pokemon Go to become a part of the Pokemon World Championships in the future!

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