A League of Extraordinary Clans: Hammers Multimedia shares their plans for the Clan Royale League

Step by step, the Hammers eSports organizations have began expanding their footprint outside of their Vainglory roots and into other areas of mobile eSports.  Their ambition in playing a larger role in Clash Royale’s competitive scene has been clear with their Las Vegas tournament, as well as the recent additions of popular Clash Royale streamers StarSuperKai and BBXH to their talent roster.  They are now looking to take things to the next level with the recent announcement of the Clan Royale Leaguea 6-week competition featuring players from 8 top clans in Clash Royale.

Long time followers of MoEsport will no doubt remember our very own Clan Wars Invitational back in early May.  Since then, the competitive landscape of Clash Royale has changed significantly with the introduction of tournament mode, a number of new cards and balance changes, as well as a number of new clans and top players surfacing on the leaderboards.  So what can we expect to see from Clan Royale League, and how will it differ from the other tournaments that are out there?  To find out more about what’s happening behind the scenes, we spoke with SuiJeneris, the brainchild behind CR League and Head Coach of the successful Hammers Vainglory teams.

MoEsport: First of all, what inspired you guys to do this CR League?

SuiJeneris: It relates to Chief Pat’s recent YouTube video – we wanted to bring the spirit of fair and skillful competition to Clash Royale, make it team-based, more exciting and strategic with global card bans, and make a league that would showcase top players and top clans. We feel the current tournament mode released by Supercell doesn’t truly help reflect skill. We wanted to create a league that is fun to watch, with skillful clans battling it out and allowing for deck variety instead of cookie cutter decks used in the current tournament format.

The current leaderboards don’t do justice since it’s about grinding and sometimes win trading.  It’s too heavily dependent on pay-to-win with high card levels and Legendaries. This league format hopes to resolve all that and be more of a showcase of true skill and talent – which makes it all that much more exciting to watch!

MoEsport: Was the tournament and format inspired by any other games and/or eSports competitions?

SuiJeneris: Yes, it was inspired by MOBA games such as League of Legends and Vainglory where they have a top league with the Top 8-10 teams representing that league. This is being produced by Hammers Multimedia – where we are a team that focuses on production and content creation. Right now Clash Royale is lacking a format (to showcase top players and clans) and it’s hard to determine who is truly the best clan or best players just by looking at leaderboards.

MoEsport: The league aims to showcase some of the best player in the game, but at this point it seems that the competition will be limited to those in top clans.  Do you guys have plans/ideas to open up the league competition to a wider pool or participants in the future?

SuiJeneris: First off, as of today, we have 2 slots open for clans to sign up – we need more clans to sign up! This is a really good question we have thought about, and we are actually in talks with individuals about how we can showcase other talented Clans, not just 8 clans. We have some ideas, but what has been working really well are formats seen in League of Legends where they have the League Championship Series (LCS) and Challenger Series (CS), in addition to qualifier tournaments. Like (league participant) Clout Gaming mentioned on Twitter, we believe this format is truly a game-changer that focuses on showcasing true skill and teamwork that will make it exciting to watch, as compared to a huge private tournament where players push as many trophies as they can; such a tournament doesn’t clearly determine who truly is the most skilled. This is a production not just about match ups, but stories – stories of amazing players like Bright Light and Clan rivalries such as NOVA vs Genesis, etc. CR League is truly about community and community building; we want to add not only a competitive spirit to this League but great narratives that will help up-and-coming Clans build loyal fan bases.  We want to help Clans become more than just Clans, but eSports organizations that can support their players and showcase talent.

MoEsport: What’s the long term plan for Hammers with the Clan Royale League?  Where would you like to see Clan Royale League be after the 6 weeks of competition?

SuiJeneris: We intend to continue producing Clan Royale League, as we believe in the eSports potential of Supercell’s Clash Royale, and Mobcrush has been a very supportive sponsor to all this. Clash Royale is at a tipping point with a huge base of competitive players and spectators; we hope that this league can turn into something bigger to help continue to grow the Clash Royale community, and develop it into a very entertaining mobile eSports to watch with millions of fans all over the world. Hammers Multimedia is very interested in helping to produce qualifier and challenger tournaments that will eventually feed into Clan Royale League. We hope the Clash Royale Clans and community continue to grow and become more organized to make such a dream happen!

MoEsport: Sounds like a great initiative!  So how can Clans and the Clash Royale community support CRL?

SuiJeneris: The Clans who have signed up and are participating are Clans who are established, organized, and have stable rosters. CR League can continue to grow and will do so as the community, clans and eSports scene continues to develop. If you are a Clan that is stable, organized, and have a strong roster, reach out to us and sign up; we would love to see how much interest there is out there of Clans who want to compete in a competitive league or tournament format such as this!

The Clan Royale League kicks off on Saturday, July 30 from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM PST.  


  1. Jesse montes

    How do we sign up our clan?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Check out CRleague.com for details!


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