Clash Royale Worst Card Rankings (July)

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Our weekly Card Power Rankings have been the most popular posts on the site, but ever wonder about the cards that we never see on the rankings?  As suggested by our friends at Clash for Dummies, we have decided to put together a ranking of the 5 worst cards currently in the game.  As NONE of these card are being played by the game’s top 100 players (as indicated by Woody’s Card Popularity Snapshot), the order of the rankings are purely subjective based on the editor’s opinion.

Clash Royale Worst Card Rankings (July)

Rank Card Last Month’s Rank
1 Skeleton Army skeleton_army N/A Poor Skeleton Army. Despite getting an extra Skeleton in the latest balance change, it is widely recognized as being the worst card in the game, so much so that Reddit user Teky500 shared a post about how ashamed he was by “his son using it”.  With an abundance of spells able to counter the Army for less Elixir than its cost, the availability of much cheaper options for stopping large troops, and the fact that the Skeletons produced are that of very low levels, there really isn’t much of a reason to play this card, let alone upgrade it.
2 X-Bow  x-bow N/A How the mighty has fallen… those who were around during the game’s soft launch would remember the days where X-Bow terrorized the meta, and was the biggest cause for broken iPhones and iPads across the world.  Now? Anytime you see an X-Bow, you can’t help but to chuckle at how bad a deck your opponent must have.  I did encounter a X-Bow in a tournament recently – not surprisingly, the opponent had 0 trophies at that point.
3 Bomb Tower bomb_tower N/A While still effective in lower Arenas, the emergence of Royal Giant essentially made Bomb Tower the worst defensive building in the game.  Area damage?  How sweet… but the Furnace has lasts 10 seconds longer, costs 1 Elixir less, and produces Fire Spirits that can actually deal even more damage!
4 Giant Skeleton giant_skeleton N/A Once a part of the popular Giant Skeleton/Goblin Barrel combo, players nowadays are finding it almost impossible to get Giant Skeleton to the opponent’s tower without being deterred by small troops like Skeletons/Goblins/Spear Goblins.  The 3-second death damage delay was the nail in the coffin for Skeleton Giant, as top level players have no trouble deploying their troops strategically to avoid the Skeleton Giant’s blast radius.
5 Golem  golem N/A This post from Golem user MaelRadecFR on Reddit sums up the current problem with Golem: it’s more difficult than ever to build up enough Elixir to back up Golem with the disappearance of the 11th Elixir and nerf of Elixir Collectors, and the high cost of the card will leave players vulnerable to counter attacks from the likes of Miner and Royal Giant.


Also, isn’t it interesting that 4 of the 5 cards are Epics?  I thought Epic cards are suppose to be good??

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UPDATE: Thank you Kevin Reed for pointing out that I was using “worse” instead of “worst” – it’s hard to be a writer and editor at the same time!


  1. SmurfCR

    I miss the viable days of golem 🙁

  2. Kevin Reed


    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Thank you for pointing that out – wrote it late last night and felt something was wrong….

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  4. John Doe

    Ooh, can I get a thank you as well? You made a typo in the first sentence of the article, “every wonder about the cards that we never see…” should be *ever, rather than every.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Yes thank you Mr. John Doe! 🙂


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