Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (July 22nd)

Another week, another Card Power Rankings!  It appears that there is now a Big 3 in our rankings: Zap, Poison, and Elixir Collector.  These cards have now owned the top 3 spot for the 3rd consecutive week, and are used by over two-thirds of the Top 30 ladder players.  And after making a good run at Princess, popular tournament card Miner ended up just outside of the rankings this week.

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (July 22nd)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Zap  zap 1 The interesting about Zap is that despite being obviously one of the most powerful cards in the game right now (if not the most powerful), no one’s really complaining about it!  In fact, many players (not just us!) have expressed that Zap is their favorite card!
2 Poison PoisonCard 2 (tied) With so many players relying on Poison for Crown Tower damage (especially towards the end of the game), you’d think the Tower guards must be used to breathing in the toxin by now!
3 Elixir Collector elixir_collector 2 (tied) Unsurprisingly, no one named Elixir Collector as their favorite card in the Clash Royale Twitter survey.
4 Mini P.E.K.K.A  mini_PEKKA 4 How is this little guy/girl able to do so much damage?  Is it the sword?  Or just his/her pure brute midget strength?
5 Musketeer MusketeerCard 8 (tied) This has been the highest rank that Musketeer has ever reached.  The Musketeer’s long range and high damage/second is especially valued for max players.
6 Cannon cannon 8 (tied) After failing TWICE to get people to at least some people to switch from Cannon to Tesla, you’ve got to wonder whether the game design team actually understand what they are trying to balance!!
7 Skeletons  skeletons 8 (tied) Food for thought: You know how Hearthstone has 0-cost cards? I wonder if Clash Royale will ever have a super weak card that costs 0-Elixir as well?
8 (tied) Giant  giant 8 (tied) Same spot for the BFG this week.  Friendly to troops, not friendly to buildings and towers.
8 (tied) Princess  PrincessCard 5 A slight drop in usage for Princess this week from the top ladder players.  Is this just a single week anomaly, or will Princess find her way out of the rankings soon? We’re guessing it’s probably the former.
8 (tied) Hog Rider boar NEW Hog Rider hops his way back into the Card Power Rankings this week, along with fellow trifecta deck member…
8 (tied) Valkyrie valkyrie-1 NEW ….Valkyrie.  It’ll be interesting to see how many players will be playing the Trifecta deck in the Shanghai tournament in a few hours!

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