Official Clash Royale Shanghai Championship Finals happening tomorrow!


Remember all the 250,000 Gem SHT Tournaments that were taking place a few weeks back?  Now the top finishers from those tournaments will be competing live in the official Clash Royale Shanghai Championship Finals!

There have already been live Clash Royale tournaments held in China, but this will be the first official tournament directly organized by Supercell and Kunlun (it’s publishing partner in China), and the second official tournament overall after Helsinki.  While almost all the participants will be from China, you can expect to see some familiar faces (or names) from the West to also be taking part in the tournament.  Our friends from Wicked Gaming have confirmed their participation, and will be providing live updates on their Youtube channel during and after the event.  It also appears that everyone’s favorite Clash Royale Youtuber Yarn of OrangeJuice will be there as well; fellow OJ team members Jiro and HandsomeKorean will be streaming the event.

The tournament will offer the biggest prize pool yet for a mobile eSports competition (that we know of): RMB666,666 (roughly USD$100,000) will be handed out to the Top 4 players of the tournament!  At this point, it is expected that the tournament format will be similar to that of Helsinki: ~500 players will battle it out in the game’s king-of-the-hill Tournament mode, with the top 8 from the tournament qualifying for the quarterfinals bracket.

Just as with Helsinki, the live broadcast will start with the quarterfinals competition.  You can catch the official action live on 15 major streaming channels, with Youtube being one of them (which we assume will be the official Clash Royale Youtube Channel).  Unfortunately to those of us out in North America (especially in the West Coast), the stream is scheduled to start at 7pm Shanghai time, which is 4am PST and 7am EST… We will likely catch the VOD of the tournament first thing tomorrow morning, so be sure to stay tuned for a full recap and exclusive content from MoEsport!



  1. Ken Masumoto

    Noticed this a few times, in a few different articles, but there are a few grammar errors. I think you guys need to fire your editor lol.

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Well the editor is the writer and the site owner in this case 🙂 I try to get the content out as timely as possible so I often forget to read over my articles before publishing…

  2. uaewarrior

    Hello , Actually on the SHT Tournament i finished on thr 3rd spot and they sent me a message in chinese which i have no idea what does it but this time i dont get what is written above , is it like for the only top finishers or everybody who joins?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      The message you got was an invitation actually, but since the qualifiers were meant for players living in China, it was all in Chinese. I’m not sure if Supercell would have been willing to cover your expenses to go to Shanghai to compete if you are living outside of China.

    2. Sam

      But with the prize money it’s kinda worth going to China for the final rounds maybe for people that finished 3rd, if you don’t understand the text you should remember there is Google translate. Translate it man.

  3. Eddie

    I got invited to Shanghai but I’m a nobody with no connections and a foreigner, also I’m no big youtuber so no one cares, not even Supercell :/ #level8 tried contacting Supercell but you can imagine how that went


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