Vainglory Summer Season Championships set for Seattle and Cologne

The details for Vainglory’s Summer Season Championships were officially announced today and surprise surprise, the North America Championships will not be in Los Angeles!

With PAX West happening in the first week of September and Summer season sponsors Amazon being based in Seattle, it made perfect sense for the Super Evil MegaCorp team to venture out into another city for their big quarterly event.  Dubbed “Battle in Seattle” (really marketing team??), the NA Championships will take place on September 2-4 at Amazon’s downtown events center adjacent to PAX West.  This championship is expected to be the biggest one yet for Vainglory, with a prize pool of $70,000 up for grabs according to the Vainglory eSports website.  PAX Pass holders will be able to attend the event for free, while non-PAX attendees can purchase their tickets here.

Meanwhile, the European Championships will be held at ESL Esports Arena in Cologne, Germany on the following weekend of September 9-11.  A limited number of VIP access tickets, which include a chance to meet with the teams and Vainglory developers, are available for purchase here.

There has been a lot of rumblings about the the World Championships that is scheduled to be held at the end of this year, and more information about this was revealed today along with the Summer Championship announcement: the winning team from the Summer Championships will qualify for the first-ever World Championship tournament taking place in December; during which the 12 best teams from around the globe will compete for ultimate bragging rights and the Vainglory World Championship title.  Still no word on where the championships will be held, but one thing is for certain: it will be BIG!


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