Clash Royale Live Clan Competition in Japan

There have already been a number of clan-based competitions in Clash Royale, including our very own Clan Wars Invitational, the Royale Premier League, and of course the Clan Royale League which kicked off over this past weekend with much fanfare.  But did you know that live Clan competitions have also been taking place in Japan?

On August 14th, Clash Royale Japan will host their 2nd Strongest Clan Competition live in the Ebisu Garden Room in Tokyo.  The criteria for qualifying is based directly on the local Clan rankings in Japan: the Top 8 clans in Japan from the period of 7/21 to 8/1 will be invited to participate!  Unlike many other regions, Japan does not have an issue with win trading, so the player and clan rankings are actually a good representation of who the best players in the country are.

While the competition is billed as Clan v.s. Clan, the reality is that only 3 members from each clan will be participating in the tournament.  The rules are pretty standard: Brackets are set based on Clan rankings, and Clans compete against each other in a best-of-3 format.  One interesting rule to note is the designation of “Front”, “Middle” and “Back” – the designated Front player will always have to play first, while the Middle and Back players can switch the order in which they play if they wish to.  No rules were stated regarding decks, so it’s presumed that players can use whatever decks that they like for the tournament, and change them at anytime.

The first competition was actually held back in May, and while it wasn’t as big an event as the official tournaments in Helsinki or Shanghai, they were well casted and overall pretty fun to watch!  Hello Winner (the #2 ranked clan this season) were crowned the Champions defeating West 98cm (the #7 ranked clan this season) in the Finals.

For those who are interested in watching, the competition will be streamed on OpenRec (essentially the Twitch of Japan).  You can also follow the official Clash Royale Japan Twitter account for all of the latest information on this and other Clash Royale news and happenings in Japan.

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