Recap of the First Week of Clan Royale League Competition

The Clan Royale League got off to a hot start this past weekend, with players from 8 of the top clans in Clash Royale facing off against each other under unique “Card Ban” rules.  The team from Hammers Media put together a nice Infographic recapping some of the statistics that stood out from the first week of competition.

One statistic that was especially interesting to us is the card ban selection: the Miner was chosen to be banned in every match-up!  This is a little disappointing from a spectator’s perspective as the Miner is one of the more fun cards to watch due to its versatility and combo potential.  Meanwhile, core cards Trifecta decks were largely left untouched by the ban selections, meaning that we were seeing a log of Hog/Valkyrie/Musketeer action in the tournament.

After one week of action and seeing the playing styles of each player first hand, it’ll be interesting to see whether the clans will explore a different approach with their ban selections.  With Zap win rates being ridiculously high, perhaps we will begin seeing Zap bans next week?  Be sure to check out the Clan Royale League full recap for highlights and more info on what went down in Week 1 of the competition.


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