Clash Royale releases “Rules of the Duel” TV commercials

As a sign that the Supercell team is investing in the long term success of Clash Royale, the company released its new official TV commercials for Clash Royale today.  Judging from its content, the commercials are designed with the intention of not only attracting new players, but reminding old players of all the fun that can be had in the Arena.  We have embedded all 4 commercials below along with our thoughts on each one:

The Official Theme Song

Love the animation, but the battles doesn’t exactly reflect the exchanges that happen on in the Arena!  As a Baby Dragon user, I can only wish that one Baby Dragon breath would knock away the Balloon’s bomb and light the Balloon on fire!  The Fireball to finish off the Crown Tower is definitely something we can all relate to though!  Not a big fan of the “Duel Expert”: I think they should have him actually duel against someone to emphasize the “dueling” part of the game.


I can’t think of any better way to celebrate a victory than to drink the tears of your fallen opponent with the trophies that you have just won from him/her.  They should start doing this in live tournaments.


I did a quick browse at all the Arenas and noticed that only 5 Arenas (Training Camp, Goblin Stadium, Barbarian Bowl, Royal Arena, Legendary Arena) have lawn to cut, so I can’t see how keeping the grass cut in the Arena can be a “rule of the duel”.  With that being said, you gotta love the Landscaper and his little indestructible lawnmower – could he potentially be a new troop in a future update??

Goblin Hut

What makes this (and other) commercials worth watching again and again is not the Goblin Hut or the narrator, but all the other familiar characters battling it out in the background.  Just like in the game, good ol’ P.E.K.K.A. on the right manages to take out a defending Barbarian in just one hit!  Check out the reaction for the Tower Guard after the Barb gets KTFO – gotta love the details!

As a fan of the game, you can’t help but to love seeing the Arena battles reimagined into a 3D animated battleground.  I hope this will just be the first of many marketing campaigns that will give players a glimpse into the world of Clash Royale, and that some of these cool animations will make their way into the actual game!

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